A Spooky Old Coat!

in dogs •  11 months ago

Every night I take my dog for a jig around the block. Usually the trip goes un-interupted. However tonight was different. Tonight we came across the scariest creature my 1.5 year old lab/sheppherd mix has ever seen. This tall dark creature really did give her a spook even though it wasnt moving or making noise. We even had to stop our jog so she could bark at it. I let her get close enough to sniff it but nope she still was not convinced it was not going to attack at any moment!

What was it??....

A coat on a sign! Lol 😂

Sometimes dogs are not the smartest!

Have a wonderful day!

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Hahaha my boy did the same thing to our neighbor's motorcycle that had a cover over it... he was convinced it was a threat! 😂 Beautiful doggo!


😂dogs are not ghe smartest sometimes

ha ha, my dog barks when it looks out of the window on garbage day.
She sees the cans and notices that something is different outside.
You think she would learn eventually.... but no


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