Always Keeping Watch

in dogs •  5 months ago


These two are some of my favorite things in this world. I love when we go sit out and they just stand guard in front of our house.

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You are SO Protected, LOL! They are great fur babies! :)


Ha! The little one would be the real protection. The big one would just want to cuddle up with anyone who came by. :)


I believe you, LOL! They are all different, that's what makes them fun! ♡♡♡

que buen post excelente los dogs son tremendos animales


¡Ellos realmente son! Nadie puede ser tan leal como un perro.

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both are awesome quite a nice shot :)


Yeah they are my babies for sure!

A life without dogs isn't it worth.
One looks like a fox terrier then you have a lot of fun. ;)


Isn't that the truth @tims? I couldn't imagine a day without them! The one the left is a long haired jack russel (Jazzy) and the one on the right is a beauceron (Pepper).



They are definitely my babies! :)

🐕What good pups! 😀 Great security system. Bless them. @patrickulrich


They have certainly been a blessing to me! From their 'security' :) to being the best companions that anyone could ever ask for.