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Kisses from Loretta Lynn!

There is no denying it anymore. It's hot. The house is hot. The porch is hot.
It's hot.

All the dogs and all the humans have been spending most of their time outside in the shade where even the slightest breeze is welcome. We sit in front of fans and sigh with relief. I hang out (literally!) in my hammock chair on the porch with the husband and an oscillating fan. (I spelled that right on the first try!)

Since Merle's passing (which I'm apparently still not over as I'm tearing up just typing that), Blossom has taken an active interest in following me and generally being my shadow. I get up, she gets up. I go inside, she goes inside. I come outside, she comes outside. I walk around the yard, she walks around the yard right after me. It's sweet. She is such a sweetheart.

Buttercup and Blossom getting feet pets from Jojo

Chico hanging out in one of the porch chairs. He's a certified seat stealer; Jumping up to take your spot as soon as you walk away.

Blossom is getting a little overweight. She eats laying down most of the time. We call her Fatty McGee.

Emma Jane usually spends her time in our bed. Sometimes it gets hot enough to drive her out of the house, but not often!

Loretta Lynn has joined Chico. They're such good friends.

Willie Nelson getting a tan.

Hank guarding us all from squirrels.

Buttercup keeping the couch secure.

And lastly our senior Jack-jack keeping cool on the floor in a dark room with a fan.

So that's what all the doggos are up to! Just keeping cool or soaking up the sun. Thanks for stopping by!

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So sorry you lost Merle ☹️ Looks like you have lots of doggy kisses to help you feel a bit better. While you are cooking, we just came back inside from covering our peppers and tomatoes. Frost warning tonight!


Thank you, @anise. I miss his big goofy face and occasional stupidity.

A frost warning?! I couldn't even imagine what that would do for everything right now. Devastating! Hope you got everything covered!

Lots of puppy dogs at your place. :)) Love all the doggy photos.


Thanks, @goldenoakfarm! We have eight doggies. :)