Doggy beauty salon day!

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Well, my doge friend hates this day but it is necessary. We live in an area where it is quite hot and humid and after about a month or so I start to feel bad about how easily hot she gets when we go to the park.

I know people that have long-haired dogs here and they just limit their activity and basically keep them indoors all the time and I guess that is fine but I don't think that is much of a life for a doggo. So even though she hates it, we have to get her cut and clipped once a month.

Here are the before and after pictures.


Definitely happy and cool in this picture, but this is the floor of my kitchen and she is standing at attention and focusing at the camera only because of the fact that I am currently eating pizza and she knows that if she just waits patiently and stares at me that she will get a bite or two.

kinda the same shot but whatever

So I had to drop her off for a while at the doggy hair salon and well, she gets excited when I take her out of the house for a ride on the bike but her enthusiasm drops dramatically as soon as we arrive at the dog shop. She doesn't fight it or anything and is actually very obedient at the shop (never gives the ladies that work there any problems.)

I picked her up 2 hours later and when I just opened the door of the place I realized it was exceptionally hot in that place. So hot, that I can't believe the women working in there can tolerate it. I started sweating almost immediately and my dog was not really enjoying the time either

Anyway, here's the after pictures.


I don't give them really specific instructions because to be honest this isn't a fashion choice for me and of course the dog doesn't give a crap what she looks like, this is purely a temperature decision.


It was so remarkably hot in that shop that I turned on the air con for the first time in about a month and it still took her about half an hour to stop panting. As bad as I feel for my dog, i think I feel a lot worse for the two women who work in there.

I suppose if i want to continue to get my dog bathed, cut, and clipped for less than my lunch cost today, they keep their costs down on electricity.

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Cute little things
I can relate to this kind of "interested attention"

she is standing at attention and focusing at the camera only because of the fact that I am currently eating pizza and she knows that if she just waits patiently and stares at me that she will get a bite or two

She looks cute after the cut but her fluffy hair looked soo cutee! adorable literally.

She is a cutie. And she looks so sweet on the pictures. I think you are a good master for her.

Very cute! We have an undercoat rake that we use on my dog pretty frequently in the summer, but it doesn't really help. I once asked the groomer when we had her in to get her nails clipped if there was something we could do. They basically laughed and said because of her breed she is just going to shed, there is no way around it!

Dogs generally hate going to the hairdresser, but it is necessary and more when the heat is high. In addition, it seems that he has a dog that knows how to pose for the camera, although that is due to the food hahaha.

You know that I love these animals, I know that you love yours very much, in fact the best companies you can have, just beautiful to see these animals grow and die always next to a pity that lasts a few years. The best company one can have.

You must really enjoy pizzas. HAHA!

The cut was really great, it was time.

this is cute dog
the secand pecture is very nice
thank you for sharing

That was very nearly a haiku!

This is a cute dog
the second picture is nice
thank you for sharing

hhh haiku
I am weak in English Language
I am learning now that my words are similar to haiku as I said
Thank you for this note my friend

Oh, god! Is she real? I mean this small pretty dog! She is so cute and amazing like a toy dog, a real one can't be so pretty:)
The new haircut is great! She looks more gorgeous with hair but when it's just hot like in hell, then beauty can wait, comfort is better:)

yeah, sometimes i am jealous of the Shih-Tzus i see online or in public who have these wonderful haircuts but I am more interested in my doge being comfortable and I am pretty sure that she is too. :)

Good dog! So cute..