Car ride w my buddy 🐕 (keeping your car clean😂)

in #dogs3 years ago (edited)


Having a clean car should not stop you from taking your dogs for a ride.

I always take a lot of care of my car. I like keeping the inside clean and all the parts in good shape. But that is no stop when I take my moms dogs for a ride. I just put some sheets on the car seats and we are ready for a ride.

🐕 Dogs like riding cars


It is very nice to ride the car with dogs. They really enjoy it. Small trips are always fun. My moms dogs are a little crazy but they behave very well.

We were parked and I took advantage of the moment to take these selfies 💛🐕🐕


You have a beautiful dog. Than it is similar to you!

Thank you very much @cryptopay-blog :)

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