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The dog can be defined as a member of the genus Canis that forms part of the wolf-like canids,and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.
The dog was the first ever species to be domesticated,and has been selectively bred over the millennium for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes. The dog is the true best friend of man. The roles and importance of dogs can never be over emphasized.

In most continent of the world the dogs are not well taken good care of as it ought to be done and dog owners are also faced with difficulties in rearing them. The need to protect the welfare of dogs is the reason for the birth of: Dogdata

The essence of dogdata is to tender welfare and positive commitments through innovations that are advanced to help dogs around the world.

DogData was created to be an imaginative universal ecosystem by experienced team members who expect to add to assistance of dogs too make mindfulness about dogs through utilization of present day Artificial Intelligence and gamified reward system dependent on blockchain innovation. Influence of the above technologies empowers DogData to improve dogs care, dog breeding activities and information about dogs around the world, subsequently building up comfort, transparency, believability and makes consistent salary creating component for network of dog breeders and owners.


1: For DOGS Market Place: it is an online shopping platform with smart filter to help dog owners and breeders pick the suitable and reasonable dog products and services for a dog breeds.

2: Pedigree Public Blockchain : Pedigree Blockchain is intended to permit sorting out and storing of dog life's data in a permanent and secure network. The blockchain empowers breed owners to enroll their dogs data more easily. Data stored inside the blockchain will be made accessible to dog owners and platform's members whenever they ask for it.

3: Data Hunter : Artificial intelligence and indepth learning innovation made accessible on the DogData platform and totally universal to allow choice of the best alluring breed of dogs.

4: Dog Data Mobile App : This app will offer help and normally advise registered members of the Dog Data platform about current dog events through social media outlets, Keywords and area innovation.
there'll be Smart Dog Sale Contract Milestone Management, Quick, simple to utilize interface to oversee and transfer finished achievement reports for the Smart Dog Sale Contract, for example, (Insurance testament), Veterinary immunization (Vaccination serial number), blood test (Veterinary declaration), Docking (Veterinary authentication), Branded (Food Use Purchase invoice). And furthermore included with DogDate Event Management, Dog owners go to many Dog shows and Dog events.

Discovering, tracking, and sharing these events is very hard. The DogDate app will encourage the Dog breeders and Dog owners never miss events with making a Dog Events Shows and organizers, Link to social media Wide crowd through Facebook events, Link to calendar applications Tracking, and Notifications Alerts updates.

5: Dog Sale Smart Contract : This coordinated features inside the DogData platform permits simple and secure transactions between dog owners and breeders. The smart contract system will be refreshed consistently and consequently dependent on data gathered from the Pedigree public blockchain.

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