Who did it?!

in #dogslast year

Yesterday I started washing dogs, treating their ears and claws. But an unpleasant surprise was waiting for me! Entering the room, instead of the faint smell of dog shampoo, I felt a terrible stink! It turned out that Donut and Joy found a dead mouse, brought it into the room, smeared themselves and stained the carpet. The smell of carrion is terrible! Moreover, it is difficult to get rid of it.
I immediately led the guilty dogs to bathe again. They sleep on the sofa and if the smell is absorbed, I can get rid of it only with the sofa!
As you can see, none of them feels guilty! Donut is pleased and Joy pretends that she did not participate in anything! But the smell was the main evidence against her!




Can't get mad at your pets for long... Just doesn't work that way... ❤💚💛

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