Queen Elizabeth’s Love for Corgi Dogs

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Queen Elizabeth’s Love for Corgi Dogs

For anyone with an interest in the British royal family, it’s well known that Queen Elizabeth II had an adoration for her pet Corgi dog. Ascending the throne in 1952, her kingdom grew not only with people but also with copious dogs. Her Corgi family has reached over 30 dogs, spanning across numerous generations. Corgi dogs have been an important part of life to the Queen of England for many decades and they’ve been spotted at numerous public events, accompanying her majesty.

A fated meeting years ago would see a young Elizabeth encounter her first Corgi. Gifted to her by King George VI in 1933, Dookie would be the first of many royal canine companions. Elizabeth II was seven years old at the time and quickly became fond of her new friend. This bond flourished and she would name the dog Jane, the first Corgi in a Queen’s life.
Almost ten years later, a new Corgi would be gifted to her majesty. Named Susan, a close and caring relationship would see this pup even accompany Queen Elizabeth on her honeymoon. Susan has since been the origin of many royal Corgis through generations, almost reaching as many as 13 dogs in the royal residence at one time.

A new millennium arrived and in 2015, granddaughter Princess Beatrice intended to gift two Corgi dogs to her majesty on her birthday. It was on this day that the queen would announce that she would no longer be accepting new Corgi dogs to her family, a decision made to prevent grievance when leaving her beloved pet family after passing away. Coupled with elderly age, it would be difficult to accommodate and care for new arrivals.

A year later in 2016, Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi, Holly, passed away. The royal Corgi family was reduced to just 3 puppies and one adult Corgi, Willow. These dogs were accompanied by two other hybrid Corgi/Dachshunds named Candy and Vulcan. Preceding these events, Nancy Fenwick had passed away in 2015. She was known as “The Keeper of the Queen's Corgis”, the Queen would then go onto graciously take in the two dogs left by Fenwick. A commitment of care in the royal household for life.

Aside from the Queen’s love for the Corgi dog, they are also wonderful pets. A valiant and happy companion, a Corgi’s smile is sure to brighten your day. We always feel a warming glow that fills us with positivity when playing with the Corgi. They are amicable and will be wonderful to both children and elderly family members. As a small to medium-sized dog, their diet and maintenance requirements are modest. Corgi dogs are known for their short legs, their performance relating to speed is not particularly fast and some extra care is needed to ensure no accidents happen around this dog.

Happily cleaver, Corgi dogs are highly intelligent and are well suited to training. They rank 11th out of all dogs in the world on IQ rating. Their cute and intricate show performances are a demonstration of their intelligence. As highly observant canines, they are able to identify their keeper’s mood and respond accordingly, displaying exceptionally high Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Corgi’s are generally quiet and will not cause disturbance in the home, they’ll keep you great company round the clock. Always on call, they will arrive swiftly if called for. They are perfectly happy to occupy themselves, playing quietly. At times, the Corgi will also show great bursts of enthusiasm and this is a wonderful trait that will lift the spirit of many at home. Routine maintenance of the Corgi is simple, grooming is minimal and their hair is very easy to care for. A simple hygiene and grooming routine will be enough to ensure your Corgi is kept in pristine condition.

As a loyal companion, the Queen’s long standing relationship with the Corgi dog is a testament to their wonderful traits. This kind and easy going pup will certainly bring joy to your home, will you welcome a Corgi to your family? 🧡

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