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Everybody upshot here, I think the month of May is going to be massive for Dogecoin. I mean, already year to date,


Dogecoin is up over 6000 percent. I tweeted out this morning that 20, 20 was the year of Bitcoin, but twenty twenty one is the year for dogecoin. Now, the month of April alone, Dogecoin up over 600 percent. Back on April 1st, Dogecoin was at five and a half cents and now it's up over thirty five cents. Just amazing growth and the growth just continues. Now, of course, in the month of May, the biggest thing we've got coming up is this Elon Musk appearance on Saturday Night Live on May 8th. And he tweeted out the dosh father on May 8th. So we can only imagine that there's going to be some kind of skit or something around Dogecoin. Elon Musk, of course, having fun with it. But, you know, that whole week leading up to May 8th is going to be exciting. There's going to be a lot of talk about Dogecoin on Twitter and Reddit, StockTwits and everywhere. Everyone's going to be talking about. Everyone's going to be tweeting about it. And it's that kind of exposure that gets more people buying in, more people excited about it. And the price could just continue to go up. Now know Bitcoin could always take a little dump, but right now Bitcoin is looking pretty well, too. And so we'll take a look at the charts, see what's going on with that. But you know, this Elon Musk, he's been a supporter of Dogecoin since before it was a penny and, you know, tweets out these fun little jokes and memes, but also it's kind of serious about it. I mean, Tesla is accepting Bitcoin for, you know, cars. And we only think Dogecoin would come along probably not the month of May. Probably going to take a little longer, Elon. Kind of, you know, hinted that might be 20 two in a previous tweet. So I don't know. We'll see. But that would be huge. Now, not only Elon Musk involved with, you know, Dogecoin, but Mark Cuban now, you know, Mark Cuban. He called Dogecoin a currency, a real currency and a businessman like him saying that means a lot now. You know, he's accepting dogecoin for merchandise, the Dallas Mavericks store and for tickets as well. That type of use of currency. The more and more people understand about that, the more people are going to want to buy it. I think the Houston Rockets, you know, are also on board with that. And it's only a matter of time before other teams follow. And then there was this Trevor Lawrence, the number one draft pick in the NFL by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is going to use his entire signing bonus to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the theory and yes, even Dogecoin. And so making that statement and including Dogecoin just opens up, you know, more people thinking about, huh, look at that dogecoin. And it's, you know, the price of dogecoin is low. I mean, you look at Ethereum over 2000, you look at Bitcoin over fifty thousand and there's Dogecoin thirty five cents a Koide. More people are going to be buying it. And after Trevor Lawrence, who knows, we heard another NFL player, it's going to take his entire salary in Bitcoin. This just continues to grow and grow and grow. And, you know, what about this price point? Well, let's take a look at the charts and let's see where Dogecoin is trading right now. Here's the current trading of dogecoin now 35, 36 cents on Friday night during Upshot Live, we were doing some charting and looking at the trading of Dogecoin live, and it was bumping up off of this thirty four cent line and it just was wasn't getting above 34 cents and it hit it four times. But then later on in the night it busted through, came up over 37 cents, retraced a little bit back down below 35 and now trading just under thirty six cents. So this breaking through these lines is so bullish. This is this is dogecoin, you know, just trending upwards, moving forward. We were following this trend for the past couple of days over here. And these yellow lines as it was trading up, yeah, there was a little up and down pattern happening. But then, you know, this breakout last night, very, very strong. If we look at Bitcoin, we were also looking at Bitcoin and Bitcoin as well. What was trending up? Now, I was expecting Bitcoin to bounce off this yellow line and then trade back down, but it hasn't. Bitcoin is continue to trade upwards, still in an upward trend moving forward. And look at Ethereum. Ethereum just hit another all time high up here at twenty eight eighty. Just all of this cryptocurrency this weekend are all moving forwards. All the main cryptos, you know, some of the alt coins have fallen back maybe a little bit, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and yes, Dogecoin know what I call the big four. All moving forward, all positive. And look at dogecoin, you know, just trading fantastically. A lot of support. Now, will Bitcoin still take a dip? Yeah, that could still happen. And if Bitcoin dips a little, dogecoin will probably dip along with it. But as soon as, you know, the new buyers are coming in and more buying pressure happens, Dogecoin is going to rebound. Dogecoin is not a pump and dump. It isn't dogecoin coins here to stay and it's just continuing to move forward. I still find it hard to believe and I hear from people that they're still having trouble buying Dogecoin. I mean, come on, Dogecoin should be so easy to buy. It's not one of these pump and dump coins that you have to swap or anything like that. It's listed on so many exchanges, but not enough. And then there's Robinhood. So, you know, Mark Cuban said that Robinhood not having wallets was what was hindering the price of Dogecoin because we can't use it. You can't transfer it, you can't buy things with it. I think that's more of what Marc meant was he wants people to be able to buy Dallas Mavericks merchandise with their dogecoin on Robin Hood. So having wallets would be great. Now, is that going to happen in the month of May? I don't think so. I think it's going to take a little longer for Robin Hood to roll out the wallet system. But Robin Hood is having this one million dollar crypto giveaway. And I talked about that in yesterday's video. And that just has more people being introduced to cryptocurrency as as people are sending out their links to friends and relatives, you know, to buy cryptocurrency and more people coming onto the Robin Hood platform buying cryptocurrency. What are they going to see? They're going to see Bitcoin there because Ethereum Litecoin, but they're also going to see Dogecoin in Dogecoin at that low price. And hearing all about it, they're going to be like, I think I'll buy some Dogecoin, more dogecoin bot on Robin Hood. That's OK. In some states that's really about all your your choices is to buy on Robinhood, but that's OK. Vlad says the wallets are coming. I'll go along with that. Then there's Coinbase. Could Coinbase listing of Dogecoin happen in May? It could. We know that the Dogecoin devs, the the group that's working on the Rosetta API is making progress. And, you know, there's been some, you know, postings on GitHub talking about, you know, the main Dogecoin devs and what they're working on. So we think it's just a matter of time. And that time could be meh. If Coinbase announces Dogecoin coming onto their platform for trading, Dogecoin is going to spike. We saw that happen with Cardno. Yeah, Cardno came back down Catano. It's got its own problems. I don't see Dogecoin coming back down. I really don't. Yeah, it'll sell a little bit because there's always some some selling that goes on and there is still some swing trading going on with Dogecoin as well. We sort of see it with the, with the buying and then the selling that happens. But that happens with, you know, all cryptos. So the Dogecoin isn't any different there, but that Coinbase listing just opens up, you know, so many more people to to buy and dogecoin that it's going to it's just going to keep going forward. A coin that started as a meme now with a 40 billion dollar market cap, kind of unbelievable, isn't it? But look where we are, Dogecoin community, we're along for the ride. There's more coming in, more people buying, and we're having a lot of fun with it. You know, it is still an investment and our money is still in there. But look what's happening. This dogecoin is unlike any other cryptocurrency. Other crypto can only dream about the attention that Dogecoin is getting. Some of the elitists make fun of Dogecoin. You have to ignore that chatter. You really have to, because this is the people's currency. And as Elon says, fate loves irony and it does. It's unbelievable what's happening with Dogecoin. I'm glad that I'm able to be a part of this and to share what's happening with with all of you. And on May 8th, Saturday Night Live. Where are you going to be? Well, I'm certainly going to be watching remember to be watching the price of Dogecoin as well while I'm watching and we'll see what Elon says. It could be a lot of fun. Now, I hope that all this hype, you know, doesn't sort of fizzle out. And there's no mention of Dogecoin. I don't think you would do that. I think there's going to be at least a mention, if not a whole skit. But we'll see about that anyway. Leave your comments below. Let me know what you think about this massive groundswell for Dogecoin and what you think is going to happen in the month of May.