Luckily I bought some Dogecoin and it is milking money

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No matter what Dogecoin is the king now. You may call it jokecoin or whatever you want. But currently, It is a real winner . Current total market is $726 million USD and is trading at $0.0062. Dogecoin is up when the whole market is down. This is due to the fact that Dogethereum and Positive vibe going on around dogecoin.


Luckily, before the slight rise of Dogecoin, I bought some and It is giving me some extra $$. A few weeks back, I have lost some money due to the worst investment decision. I have invested in an ICO and ICO is down by huge percentage.

So, You need to be strong in the cyrpto market. Market is so volatile, If you put your hard earned cash then you may feel the pain. It is always wise decision to put only the money you can afford to lose. Do not invest in a crypto market by taking loans. it is also even true in the stock market.

As long as you are not a big investor with huge cash in hand, Please put your money carefully. Think about the person who have invested in a bitcoin at $19000 what he will feel now.

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