in dogecoin •  7 months ago


 1000 Dogecoin to 2 winners

 This will run for 7 days

Start 3/4/2018 end on 3/11/2018

How to participate
• Follow me on Steemit or DTube
• Resteem this post + 100 Doge to the winner
• Upvote + 100 Doge to the winner

Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment

Thank you and Good Luck

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Interesting , and nothing to do more?

hi kelvin ,this is lawal one of your follower of youtube,good to see you here.
DAtbX2Z7X72RHHGzU4ojNpEZJS5MYnK7kQ my dogecoin wallet.

good to see you brother !! DTLBzo1r9LpYqX5RGZTsojUQKoyHB55jnK

Awesome man! Thanks for this amazing opertunity!
Upvoted the video and resteemed:)
DOGE: DL4e2XuafVNxM7zQxwpnskDALpKy3TVMYy


you won 1200 doge Address: DL4e2XuafVNxM7zQxwpnskDALpKy3TVMYy
Txid: 5b79f1140276010dc7fcda1b05ce6fa479ce232d02ce957d0b9c1321f412a594


Thank you man!

Hi, upvoted and resteemed

Thank you!

Thanks for give away I have followed,Upvoted and resteemed


Great action from you. Thanks 👍



Is this realy your dogecoin address ? Thought they start with D


I always thought too. But this is the Dogecoin address I have from CoinPot.


I just saw that I have another address.

Like your giveaway :)

Hello all
looks like the giveaway is going very good
so I'm looking into doing another giveaway here in the near future stay tuned
thank you for participating in this giveaway

why not...it seem very easy haha lets see my luck ..

He done

I hope i win :) - D87tRMdQoek4EXveTfwWaZLb7CJZVWD2yr

Nice pic n story. Look at the wall, my story, if you think good, vote.


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Thank You! ⚜

Thank you!

in title you write 2000 DOGE and in Artikle only 100 DOGE + 100 DOGE = 200 DOGE what is with the another 1800DOGE ?!?


if you win you will get 1200 to 2 winners Resteem + 100 and Upvote + 100 total 2400 to 2 winners
1000 doge Resteem + 100 and Upvote + 100 = 1200 doge


awesome project, hi kevin , this my dogecoin address : DM3Xu21G1RhAa1XbtxK4kUQvSA8H9e1PPG


You won 1200 doge Address: DM3Xu21G1RhAa1XbtxK4kUQvSA8H9e1PPG
Txid: 30374976f0ca668f106786ae3772b97b83e4ef09088c5b179a3bf9a53a09ec54


Hai Kevin, thanks for this giveaway, i've received 1200 dogecoin in my wallet .

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Update Giveaway is ended the drawing is later today 3/12/2018