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Week 3 of the doge4u giveaway contest has been successful and we've wrapped up with 22 contestants and 3 winners.

Week 4 starts today with another 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY to 5 Steemizens.

2018 is the year of the DOGE. You might have been seeing that around.

Analysis points that DOGECOIN will rise greatly in value in 2018

How to participate

  • Have a DOGECOIN wallet
    (If you don't have a DOGECOIN wallet, open a wallet HERE)

  • Follow

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote

  • Write a short comment below answering the question: If you had the opportunity to change something on steemit, WHAT WOULD IT BE?

(It could be anything - from the interface to features you will like to add to the payout. It could even be you want to change something in the way it works. Just be creative but realistic and honest.)

  • Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment

  • The top 5 comments with the highest upvotes when this post pays out will be the winners and receive 200 FREE DOGECOINS each.
    (More winners may be added when more sponsors are gotten)

Disclaimer: This contest must have more than 5 entries (contestants) to be VALID

The 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY will continue weekly with different contest requirements so follow me to keep earning. The Prize Reward will increase with growing sponsors.

We highly appreciate our current sponsor @pjay96 for this contest.

New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

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Another Decentralized Social Network That Pays Just Like Steemit



If I could have the opportunity to change the way things are being run of steemit, it would have to be;
1..Spammers should be dealt with seriously.
2..Users with the act of plagiarism should also be dealt with too.
3..Some whales should treat minnows they way they want to be treated.
4..Attention should be paid to new users and minnows too.
5..Minnows with great content should be given an opportunity for them to be heard.

If I had the opportunity to change something about steemit, I will like to introduce a fair program for most people who makes good stuff here but because they are not so known, they don't get the attention they deserve and how can they be known if it all stays this way??.. Something has to be done about it.


Here on steemit, one thing has been giving me concern and if I have The opportunity I will change it.

Minnows that creates original contest should rewarded greatly to boost their spirit.
It so much pain for a minnow to create a post with so much effort and yet he recieves no reward if I have The opportunity I will make sure everyone Is rewarded according to the quality of his content.

Thanks @gamsam for this contest.


If i have the opportunity to change something on steemit, these are things i will change on steemit.

  • 5 sp will be in the account of every new sign up on steemit.
  • A sign will be indicated on steemit to show those who are online or offline(your followers and those you follow only).
  • spams will be dealt with too..

My wallet address is :

Exactly the points. Especially the 2nd point, it will encourage newbies

If i have the opportunity to change something, this is what i will do;

  • newbies that write quality content post will be rewarded, to encourage them to write more good post
  • scammer on steemit will be dealt with
  • daily contest will be held on steemit both for newbies and whales, in other to make it fun.
  • free sbd's will be given to newbies randomly (random app will be used for that), it will be called "lucky gift" on steemit.
    Doge wallet is;


If I would be given a chance to change some features in steemit, I would love to have reviews before a downvote or flagged was done. Downvoting and flagging of post and users can be very devastated

If I could change something about steemit, it would be that I want a search bar on each accounts page, that way if I want to look for a specific topic by that one person it would be easier to find.


I would want Steemit to have categories classification when posting not just tags. For example, when a user is posting an article on Movies, he/she should post it in the Movies category.

Here is my doge wallet: DQhwAA1UPuXMgv6ntAtJCuhmWpe7S8rZHp

I would change how the whales can up vote themselves. Lets say your power is $200 per every day. They should't be able to get that much Free SBD and Steem. It will ruin Steem over the years in my opinion.

I would like that steemit make a program to benefit newcomers who post good content. Something like free upvote and free resteem.

If I had the opportunity to change something about steemit, it would be able to report spammers/cheaters in their post, have a downvote along with flag, but more soft!


i would love to change the politics on the whales vote for old timers and spread the love


@marshallife, Make sure you upvote, follow & resteem to make your entry valid.
Also enter your dogecoin address not your ethereum address

If I had the opportunity to change something about steemit, I will like to increase bandwitdth. I will give more delegated SP to minnows. I want to forbid to upvote yourself (as in Sola).


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The steemit isn't very user friendly, although apps like busy.org kind of make up for it but still for newbies who know nothing about these apps at first it can be a pain navigating through steemit. Take for exampls

Uploading a profile picture and a cover image requires a link....imagine a computer novice sees tis and has no idea where to get this link from.
If i had the chance i would reduce the technicalities like having to manually insert a link to upload an image and just make it more user friendly by just letting the user select a picture and automatically update the link as is the convention with most social media platforms and websites in general

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I joined the doge contest. because I have some coin doge in my wallet. my plan to exchange doge with steem power. but my doge coin is still small. I have to. I can win this contest.
this is my doge address.


If I could change something about steemit it would be that we including me minnows would be taught the 'ropes' about steemit and given a chance to allow ower great content to be recognized and not'shoved under the rug' like we are not important or our content is not important enough to make money like everyone else, that we are just dirt under everyone's feet and that the whales/dolphins should lead the plankton/minnows in the ways to greatness like they are!!!
1.get rid of plagiarism
2.get rid of spammers
3.plankton and minnows should be able to know about all the apps and how to navigate Steemit like the whales and dolphins do

  1. tell us where are Dtube and all the jargon here on Steemit mean...
    Sorry if I don't make much sense but I'm trying because I'm a minnow plus I have brain cancer(Meningioma)...I don't know much about steemit except this if I upvote a lot of people and comment on their post I get STEEM (SBD/SP) so I do it every day and get around $0.111 SBD and 0.069 SP!!!
    Dogecoin wallet:

I actually wouldn't change anything thus far..

I'll participate in subsequent giveaway. Just saw this now