What's your oppinion about Dogecoin now that it spiked really good recently and it's still holding some good amount of its gains?

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"Dogecoin Investing". This phrase made me sick.

I've nope out of the space long ago and in hindsight, was still far too late back in 2014. I've suffered the whole Moolah fiasco and the eventual death of the shibe community, the very thing that was the reason i got introduced into cryptocurrency.

People holding Dogecoin and expecting it to rise in price is exactly what's wrong with the whole cryptocurrency space. It's very true that 99% of the bagholders and trader-types don't care about where they put their money in. And Dogecoin is the ultimate proof to that.

For one, what warrants the price rise? is there an objective value increase to Dogecoin that there is legitimate demand for? 

"Dogethereum"? Dont make me laugh..

Right there, is the guy who MADE Dogecoin. It's pretty incriminating when the original founder of a blockchain himself straight up tells you his disdain for what his invention has become. As a speculator, where will you think the price will go with such a statement from the creator of Dogecoin?

Any hype that Dogecoin gets is designed to dupe newcomers into putting their money into a "quirky" altcoin. So that the ones holding the coins can cash out. 

That sounds exactly like a Ponzi Scheme to me.

I dont care how much Dogecoin's price will increase in the next year, the higher it goes only proves the more i'm correct. Because the price is fuel ONLY by speculation.

Dogecoin is already dead. Let it die.

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This is why I don't think the bear market is even close to over. The DotCom stocks didn't all start to recover within months of the crash. It was years and only after all the junk like Pets.com and Floozle were gone. Doge and most other cryptos will die a harsh death before the crypto market rebounds.


I think the sheer crypto culling that's going to happen in the years leading to a real crypto revolution is going to be a sight to behold.