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Week 4 of the doge4u© giveaway contest has been successful and we've wrapped up with 15 contestants and 5 winners.

Week 5 starts today with another 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY to 5 Steemizens.

2018 is the year of the DOGE. You might have been seeing that around.

Analysis points that DOGECOIN will rise greatly in value in 2018

How to participate

  • Have a DOGECOIN wallet
    (If you don't have a DOGECOIN wallet, open a wallet HERE)

  • Follow

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote

  • Write a short comment below stating what you've learnt from any whale or dolphin on steemit since you joined.
    (e.g I've learnt how to make excellent comments from @dobartim) You can make your comment explanatory with more details.

  • Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment

  • The top 5 comments with the highest upvotes when this post pays out will be the winners and receive 200 FREE DOGECOINS each.
    (More winners may be added when more sponsors are gotten)

The 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY holds every week with different contest requirements so follow me to keep earning. The Prize Reward will increase with growing sponsors.

We highly appreciate our current sponsor @pjay96 for this contest.

New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

If interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or send me a message on steemit chat.

Username: gamsam

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Another Decentralized Social Network That Pays Just Like Steemit

Join the steemit school by @dobartim on Discord to learn how to be successful on steemit




Thank you for this opportunity, I will love to show appreciation to @surpassinggoogle because I have learnt how to make the right post and comment through him.
I read from one of the post he shared "branding your steemit account" it was very educative as it contained necessary information that helped me have a better profile on steemit and also make better post. Thank you!


Hello @gamsam ,Thanks for the opportunity..
One thing i learned from @swissclive is how to lease sp...i couldnt lease sp before because of fear to do so,to avoid "scam sites" but after reading "How to lease steem power" by @swissclive ,i then knew how to lease sp in a safer way...Thanks for the giveaway


I have learnt alot from many whales....i have learnt how to hold story contest from @jerrybanfield
Doge wallet:

hello i have been on this contest since never won though, hello sire can you allow the @project-atlas to run a campaign for dogecoin? meanwhile the links to create a doge wallet is not valid

Yeah, you really have been although the contest winners are determined by highest number of upvotes.
It would be great for @project-atlas to run the campaign. I would fully support it.
Thank you. Working on changing the link now.

okay, if you are on discord @marshalllife lets talk more about it.

Discord user is gamsam#5973 @marshalllife

I have learnt to create a good quality contest post from @surpassinggoogle and also to be consistent on steemit.
Doge wallet:

Thanks so much for the contest. I learnt how to write a good comments from @timcliff
My address:

This is amazing. I learned that commenting on a posts is a major way to connect to people. My doge wallet address:


Thanks for sharing this, I have learned creation of good posts from @steemsecrets and its been amazing and really working for me. My doge address:


Nice one bro... I learnt how to write a create good contents for a post from @surpassinggoogle. My doge address:


Gratitude bro... I learnt how to compose a good posts from @surfiyogi. My wallet address:

Thanks @gamsam for this opportunity i have learnt so much on steemit with the help of @surpassinggoogle on how to make good alticle and good comment with right tags to use since i started on steemit and its been amazing and really good for me here is my Dogecoin address:


I really enjoy this little giveaway, so I am hoping I can win this week! Something I learned was from @papa-pepper. His message was if you wanted to be successful here on this platform, then you have to post the best content that you can and you have to do it regularly. Thanks again for this giveaway.


Hi @gamsam this is a great contest. I would like to give you an advice. I noticed that you didn't use free resteem programs in your posts, with your permission I would show you 2 of them ( @resteemable and @steemblast.com ). They are free but they ask a optional donation. If you don't want to pay just close the page where you will see the message.

In this way more people can take part in this contest

Thanks a lot for the info

You got a 1.89% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @pjay96! Earn 90% daily earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale.

59D0CD21-2311-4C57-8AC9-78BF4214235C.jpeg. When I try to go to wallet link...

Edited the link now @hrissm.
You can access it now

Yw. I mean thank you!

I have learnt that selflessness is a great virtue from @surpassinggoogle. He's dedicated a lot of time as well as SBD towards helping minnows grow. Here's my doge address


Hello @gamsam ,Thanks for the opportunity..