Bashing New Investors For Doge Hurts All Our Crypto Bags

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Unfortunately, a lot of people in "crypto" are Investors, and not Sales people; So unfortunately, while 'trying to help' a lot of you do more Damage, than good; Perhaps, unintentionally, again :: from simply not being trained, ever, on "how" to 'sell' ...

Bashing "new people" for investing in "doge" -- hurts ALL of our bags;   especially when a "bad investment goes sour" -- > because the way many are going about 'helping' is actually not help; it's insulting; it's putting down; and it's not always Well Received -- > but again, you're Investors, not professional Sales people so I get it.


Instead of "bashing" folks; here is a better approach; a more helpful approach, that also LIFTS all of our Bags up in the process ............... ready??

Hey new person; welcome to crypto; I see you invested in Doge; got on the 'hype train' a bit, looking to make some money; that is cool; Wanna give you a heads up about what you've invested in; Doge may not be 'the best' long term investment for your money; and could Crash (dump) at any time; if you're more interested in better places to put your money, ASK ME or another person who has been in this space, for some time <<<< ( in a nutshell; say that, 'how you would say it' - without all the put downs; ...

... and we'll start to RETAIN more of the NEW MONEY coming into crypto; as we help (actually help) people discover WHERE The good investments are; while giving people WARNINGS about SUPER RISKY ones, like Doge, "without all the discouragement!!" << IMPORTANT .......... Because you're not actually making them MORE interested in OTHER coins; you're Making them AFRAID of the coins; AFRAID of the space;   instead of making them more "CURIOUS" --- (good sales people spark Curiosity in a prospect; makes THEM invest their own time emotions etc; b/c you got em curious; wanting more; etc..... )

Bashing people for investing in Doge, turns them 'off' to the entire Crypto Space -- not sure most of you understand this -- because you are not trained sales people. This is usually what untrained salespeople (bad sales people) do; they talk themselves OUT of sales; and that's what many of you are doing .... you're talking money OUT of the markets ....

Instead, Welcome them in, and Show them around. Be a Tour Guide. Actually, Be a helper ....... if you call yourself wanting to help. Learn how to do it right. Because the path to hell really is paved with Good Intentions. Wanting to, isn't enough. You must learn to do it right -- or don't do it at all.

Because you cause Harm ... instead of Help.

  • Just the opinion of one of the top sales people in the world; been in the game since 1999; trained by the very best to ever do this; and hey, let this message be 'for' whomever it is for. I share it in hopes, that we can all be better Ambassadors of Cryptocurrency.
  • We need to actually understand the POWER we are connected to, as we embark on changing HOW people pay for goods and services.
  • Of course, there is also much MORE to all of this as well - the whole, banking the unbanked, and removing centralized power, and on and on -- but we do ourselves a disservice, and defeat our own purpose, if we keep going about things, without "understanding" ..........

All actions have consequences. All causes, have effects. All consequences are the results of Actions. All effects, the results of Cause. Be the Cause that makes this 'space' better ....... Have a positive Effect on your OWN bags, by sending Positive vibes off jump, instead of negatives.

Thanks for attending my Ted, Hive, and steem Talk.

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