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Let me tell you the story of my best friend, his name is Steve, he is very kind and most loyal to me, until about 2 years a go, I decided to threw him out of my life, because i am convinced that it is haram (forbidden) to have him as my best friend and living with him around. yes how stupid ignorant i was as a person. It was the worst decision i ever made.

I love animal, i love having pet, but for me he is more than just pet or animal, i am not a dog or cat person, but i love him with all my heart, i missed to play and looking at his sincere eyes every single day. can you imagine how broken i was that time? But who care as it was my own stupid decision.

I let him adopted by my friend, but few moths later, my friend moved to another city and she was bringing Steve with her, the day when i left him in her new house, he seems like talking to me to not leaving him there, he begged me, i can see how broken his heart through the way he looked at me and the way he continues barking. it wasn't easy at all for both of us.

Life must go on.. i started to live normally with no one around, no one happy happy when i am at home or not, yeah i feel so lonely deep inside, during working day i liked to spent most of my time in the office, or cafe, i didn't like being at home. because i would feel more and more lonely. And in the weekend or holiday i go to solo traveling to another country, honestly because i was trying to kill this loneliness.

Japan was in my bucket list no matter i went there many times (there will be story about it too), because this country has very special place in my heart, and i never get bored with everything there, food, nature, city, people, culture, except the expensive price.

I am typically slow traveler i won't go visit so many places in the short time just to take few pictures just never, but i will spend few hours just sitting in the cafe, enjoy the coffee and cake and watching people pass by, and sometimes all day in the museum to admire and see how wonderful it is, which is very boring for most people, also i like to do crazy things like go to the red district of the city in the midnight just to feed my curiosity, and what i always do during my traveling is to sit for few hours, looking around the beautiful nature like, beach, lake, mountain or forest and playing there like small girl, fell so happy and feel excited about it.

Then i went to Kawaguchiko lake located in the border Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu, southern Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji, and after looking around and staying there for few days, i realised if this city is perfect for creatures. Best for people to live and especially for Dog, which can't life peacefully in the some countries, because society don't like them, some religion forbidden them, and greedy people want to eat them. But in this city i see it very different, people are very friendly and loving dog so much, no matter its not theirs, they communicate, cuddling, laugh and playing with them, almost everywhere i see that beautiful scenery. Yeah almost everywhere in Kawaguchiko, especially in the beautiful place where people come for hang out, jogging or chilling out.

I am not great photographer or storyteller, but i hope you enjoy the pics bellow and the story, i took this pic because the white one has remind me of Steve, yeah they really look alike, and i miss him so bad. Please let me know your story about your best friend in the comment below.

Once again, don't forget to spread love and good words.



Tired puppies get cranky just like little kids. If you have a fussy puppy, try nap time.

Yeah, its so funny and lovelyyyy