This is our other dog Benson The Pom

in #dog4 years ago (edited)

As her name suggestes she is a #Pomeranian about 5 years old. She has tons of personality and is a pretty good guard #dog.


When we got her she looked completely different, more like a tiny fuzzy teddy bear. She tries to mimick my #wife and I talking and howls like a #wolf!


She is the first Pomeranian I have owned or been around for long time periods. Mostly I have had hound type dogs (#Beagle, #Spaniels). She amazes me with the amount of #energy she has for her size!


The best phrase to describe her would be ‘#Leader of the pack’. No matter another dogs size she always barks them into shape. Our neighbor has a #boxer which is roughly 5x the size of Benson but she bows down to this tiny 5lb #alpha dog 😅.


She is a good dog whom loves #treats, #cheese, running and barking. Stay tuned or more #adventures from Benson and Dobby(our Beagle).


She looks adorable :)

Thank you!

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