Crazy little furry ball called dog

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I’m a huge animal lover. Ever since I was a little boy I dreamed of having a dog. I imagined my dog jumping on my bed and waking me up to play, running and jumping outside with him, doing silly things. But it was only a dream for a long time because my parents didn’t allow animals in the house. My dad used to say I don’t want to slip on dog pee and step into dog poop when I’m getting my sandwich from the refrigerator. Silly parents! They thought I would be so irresponsible. So not true!

Twenty years later, I am all grown up, I moved out from my parents’ house, got married and I didn’t forget about my dream. Luckily, my wife had the same dream so we decided to get a puppy. The next step was to choose one. And the new dilemma appeared. Where to get it? What breed should we choose? We started our search on the Internet. Soon we realized we didn’t care what breed and size it would be or what kind of characteristics the specific breed has, we just wanted a furry companion. So we opened the ads and after a minute or two, we saw one little cute black furry ball and we knew he was the one. And the breed was…Labrador Retriever. We were so happy and excited and then…it happened. We were on our way to pick him up.

After a few hours, he was sitting on our couch. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We have a puppy!!! We almost got into a fight over holding him. He was so adorable. And all of a sudden, the little guy started to pee. Our couch was wet. Oh, that was the thing my dad was talking about, I get it. And he did it again, all over and over again.

That’s not the only thing he did. He began exploring the house and exploring the furniture with his sharp teeth. That was an adventure, both for him and us. Almost all of our socks had a hole, and we wonder why! Yes, he liked to the socks. One time he decided to read the newspapers. Obviously he didn’t like the articles because we found the newspapers all over the house. And he definitely didn’t know that the toilet paper is used for wiping your bottom. He thought it was a funny toy. And when you go outside, check out your shoes. You might find a present inside. It’s called the poop.

But, you know what? My dad was wrong. Dogs are so smart and they learn quickly. In no time, all the trouble and little accidents were gone. I didn’t mind cleaning after him because other things were more important, such as his kind eyes, good nature, his loyalty and the most precious thing, his ability to put a smile on our face whenever we wake up.

Now, look how fun it is to have a dog!!


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