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Since our dog Atom knows all his toys by name. Let's see what happens when I introduce one he has never seen or heard of before.

I picked up the gecko from a garage sale and hid it from Atom when I got home and put him in the room.

Now he did sniff it out as something new really quick and maybe I should have encouraged him but I really wanted to see if he would pick it up and bring it which he did the second time looking.

You know maybe he just picked it because it was new or because none of the other ones were named gecko and picked it out of the process of elimination.


atom is amazing, did you know that dogs have over 200 millions olafatory cells and humams only have 5 millions! They can smeell another world that we do je je, i'm a vet, and i'm writing posts about pet's heaths and other curiosities, if you are interested in some tips about atom's health you coul read mi post and uf you like them follow! See you!

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