Our dog Atom knows all his toys by name

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When our dog started finding his toys by name I was certainly amazed. Then we added more and more and he is able to pick up a new toy name the first time after being introduced. Really a smart dog.

In Part 2 Atom cleans up his toys by name! Such a smart boy.


what a smart dog, with the last red blanket he probably got confused cause if I remember correctly dogs can't see the color red.

He also has 2 blankets and the one he originally wanted was the brown one on the chair. But he loves that red blanket and drags it all over the house. Oh about dog color blindness I found this article interesting: http://www.akc.org/content/entertainment/articles/are-dogs-color-blind/

There is an amazing video involving Neil deGrasse Tyson and a dog named Chaser that knows the names of 1000 toys. In it, Neil tests the dog by randomly grabbing 10 toys from the large pile and Chaser gets every name right. However, the most amazing thing Chaser was able to do came afterwards.

Neil introduces a toy Chaser has never seen before: a Charles Darwin doll. He then places the doll behind a couch with other toys Chaser knows and asks Chaser to go find Darwin. Chaser infers that the toy she does not recognize must be Darwin and brings back the correct toy. Amazing deductive logic.

I saw that video too. Very smart dog. I'll have to try that with Atom.

Waao that's a intelligent dog,haha really fun to watch thanks for share buddy.

Yes, very smart. He loves watching TV especially animal channel.

Wow that amazing! How long do you usually take to get one done?

I just have to tell him once what a new toy is called then he knows it. Some times he does get a little excited and just brings whatever he thinks I want. I tried ESP and that didn't work ;)

Such a smart dog!

Yes he is. Thanks.

That's one smart cookie you have there. Good dog thanks for sharing.

Very Smart Dog

as a cat owner, and someone who firmly believes that cats are smarter than dogs... this gives me second thoughts.

Lol, cats are smart too. They just don't like to show off and let us know.

you're right. i'm convinced my cat understands everything we say. she knows when we're talking about her. she immediately goes to hide the moment we say we're about to give her a bath.


This is way too cute!

  • That was cool , i like the way the dog find his toy in the box awesome!

I'll have to show how he puts them back in the box. So cute too.

I don't think I could do that. Even for treats.

LOL :)

Way to go, Atom!

So smart and cute. My dog only has 3 favourite words and the rest is selective hearing haha.

Lol, yes they say the stubborn ones are the smartest. Many times I will ask Atom to do something and he just looks at me like, why? You do it. Who do you think I am? lol

thy beautiful dogs, I like clever dog

Cute and smart dog!

Thanks for your support! Appreciate it! Cute dog!

Thanks. Oh be sure to see how he cleans up his toys by name: https://steemit.com/dog/@mikehere/our-dog-atom-cleans-up-his-toys-by-name

Sounds good, just comments though, because sometimes I'm the only one who upvotes my posts.

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