My real first Hoshi photos - Shiba Inu puppy

in dog •  last year


I almost forgot I had these photos. These are the first photos that I have taken from Hoshi, this cute little puppy.

Actually, he looked pretty sad that day. Maybe because it was a new home, I don't know... Even with his sad face, he is so cute...


In the next one he was watching some TV.


The following one was taken in another day, when he was playing with his ball. At that time, he couldn't even fit that ball in his mouth. He was so tiny...


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OMG He's so freakin' adorable. I bet his fur is super soft. I just can't get over how cute he is, even with a sad face.


Yes, when he came, touching him was like touching a stuffed animal. We couldn't believe how fluffy it was.

Thank you for the comment.