Lockdown doggo finally gets a haircut

in #dog4 months ago

I don't think there is a dog on the planet that actually cares at all about what they look like and left to their own devices would probably just be as dirty and matted with hair as possible all the time. Nadi is not an exception to this.

While she doesn't resist too terribly, going to the hair salon or getting into a bath are two of her least favorite things in the world. In fact, I would say that out of all the thing that we do these are the only 2 things that she doesn't like.

In the past 6 weeks or so, haircuts have not been an option at all because everything was shut and also my clippers decided to explode when I plugged them in one day, probably because they were poorly made in the first place and I should have seen that coming when they were only $20 brand new.

Tacos were in there, and Nadi's disappointment at how little I left for her was duly noted

We carried on with life as normal, and except for the times that she would get overheated on walks, I don't think she was even aware of the fact that her hair was long. It probably came in handy for her on the nights when I really cranked the air conditioning in the bedroom.


One strange thing that happened that was also quite handy was that with her fluff she finally tipped the threshold to be large enough for the automatic door to open for her at the entrance to our condo. In the past she could make it happen but it would only occur if she walked around in front of the door for a bit. Even though she is a very smart dog, she is not intelligent enough to figure this out on her own.

hey you, human! get over here! It's time to roam the neighborhood doncha know?

I don't know if it was legal or not, but the doggy hair salon that we go to opened about a week ago and it took me a full 3 days to get an appointment in the afternoon one day. By the time we got there Nadi desperately needed a haircut because her vision was now partially blocked. She hates the salon: While the girls there are nice to her and she is also a very well-behaved dog, she doesn't like to be bathed and clipped and especially doesn't like being dunked in the soap pool.

This is my tub, not the one at the salon, but i would imagine the reaction is the same

In the end she got home a few hours later and was fresh and pretty. I don't really have a "style" in mind when I take her there and just ask them to do whatever they want, but short. While I am not certain what kind of mix of dogs Nadi is, I know that she is the kind that doesn't shed so her hair just keeps growing and growing. On a side note I will say this: Non shedding dogs are superior to the shedding type and I have had both. It is wonderful to not have to vacuum your house every single day.


5 weeks or thereabouts is a really long time for no haircut for my fur-baby and hopefully we don't have to do that again. Now we can go on much longer walks in this painful heat before she reaches and internal temperature of a cooked ham.

As things start to become more and more normal here in Vietnam, I am starting to like it again. It wouldn't surprise me if I totally change my opinion about getting out of here. The only reason I am still here now is because all internal flights were shut down a while ago and while taking a 20 hour taxi to the international airports is an option... i'm not gonna do that.


She do be looking fresh doe.

Also, you think having a shedding dog is bad? Cats are the devil. There is cat hair everywhere. Everywhere.

the other day i touched my neighbors really cute Pomeranian and there were little bits of white fur stuck on my face for the next 2 hours. I can't imagine that being omnipresent in my house.

You just have to accept that it's your life now, and then maybe use a laser pointer on your cat to cheer up your crippling depression. At least in my experience.

On a real note, lint rollers are a fucking must for owning a cat. That's about the only way to just glue the hair to your face and cosplay being a cat. And, even then it's not perfect.

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