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Ninnu can navigate while walking together, goof attitude of ninnu.

Does she ever have trouble seeing with all that hair? Like does she ever run into walls or trees or something?

She does look like she's frustrated that you're stopping to take pictures of her when there are trails to be run. Ha ha.

Ninnu looks so nice in this photo! She’s posing for so still for the photo.

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hehehe she is shooo much cute😘😘😘

Hi gamer. has Ninnu changed color as the fur looks a lot lighter or is it the camera playing tricks?


Yea, her fur has become somewhat lighter in the back. I guess it is more pronounced now that the winter fur is growing fast. Her mother also had a silver back.

We also noticed that Ninnu's tail has a black spot in the tip.

Mas lindo, tiene varios colores su pelaje. Me encanta @gamer00

More beautiful, it has several colors its fur. I love @ gamer00

@gamer00, *Ninnu looking around for you. She's absolutely pretty cute.

reminds me of my aunties dog . IMG_9534.PNG

She is pretty beauty. Ninnu is our Steem Dog.

Ah you started walking at evening! I saw night photography before!


Fifty-eight percent of people put pets in family and holiday portraits.