Coco the pup - The treatment progress

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He is recovering and luckily started his 1st chemotherapy today, but recovery is not easy.


It has been hard for young Abdiel who has to work all day long and not being able to be with Coco until the end of the day.

Coco's recovery has been a bit slow, he has lost mobility in half of his tongue, he will have to learn how to eat without it, and although he is drinking his water, it has been difficult for him to do so. Abdiel is also learning on how to give him the food and set up Coco’s plates at the high of Coco’s shoulders. Is not an easy process but I know they can make it.

Besides all the treatments, medicines, vitamins, pills, and chemotherapy, he will also be neutered.

The total cost so far is $494, as of this write up, so we are still missing $140.


So far, this is the official list of cost from the Vet Clinic:

  • Medical Consultation $20
  • Fluid therapy with vitamins $18
  • Antibiotic $8.00
  • Analgesic $7.00
  • cytology $10.00
  • 4 chemotherapies $300
  • pills for the liber $28
  • gastric protector $7
  • anti-emetic to prevent vomiting $9
  • anti parasite $7
  • neutering $80

Total of Vet Clinic = $494

The good news is that thanks to the fiat and crypto donors we have collected a total of $401.42

For the chemotherapy treatment the sessions are held once a week and we just started.

We are all hoping that things will get better for Coco and Abdiel. Even if you are not able to donate, sending good vibes and / or upvoting, reesteming the post will be huge help.

This is the fundraising post where you can read the full story and see all the different types of ways you can still help:

Coco needs our help!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-22 at 5.58.25 PM.jpeg

I also wanted to thank to all of the great people that wrote to me to help with donations and also to all those steemians that donated and helped promote the fundraiser post.

I will be posting again about Coco in a week or two to keep you updated.


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Eighteen muscles or more can move a dog’s ear.

coco you are an one tough guy ... we are all with you ... get well soon buddy

ow no!!! Poor Coco! :(

Dog just should never get sick man, take good care of the little one


You are such a great person to help them out, Coco is surrounded with love, and I hope everything will turn out well for them..

Rewards claimed from the Fundraiser Post: 3.623 STEEM = $3.24
More funds for the cause =) Thank you all for your support!