Working the beginning guards (Goals).

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Working the beginning guards:danny7.jpg

What the dog needs to understand from the start. Also the art in it is to make it into a fun educational game for him. The good technique is the simple, and fun technique for him to learn quickly, and letting your dog love doing it.

Main Points: ( At the beginning ).

1- Teach him if he gives up the bite. He will quickly get another bite.
2- Vigilance, Total focus on his suspect or decoy.
3- Tight Guards. ( silent or vocal. Also you can teach a physical guard. Good for sport or street. Also a good foundation to wear out the suspect or decoy in the transport or escort. )
4- Sharp outs. (One command in a low voice. )

In this system. You will win the excellent guards required to pass the CIVIL UNREST Program.

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