5 reasons why to get a dog

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Maybe you need to explain to your family, why it is useful to get a dog. Here are some arguments you can use to convince them :)

1. Health benefits

According to different studies a dog is healthy for your heart. When you pet a dog, your cholesterol leveles are reduced and so is the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Children that grow up with a dog have lower risk of developin eczema and allergies. And when you get sick, thanks to a dog you get better faster. Probably because you need to take him for a walk :)

2. Higher selfesteem for your kids

Thanks to a dog your kids will have better selfesteem. They will also hande stress more easily. They feel there is at least one member of the family that they have control over :)

3. Psychotherapy for free

Well, almost for free... you have to feed the dog. Dogs help people to manage their depression, PTSD and stress.

4. Weight management

Are you to lazy to exercise? Get a dog and take him for walks!

5. Better social life

Many researches proved that dog owners have better social lifes. Also, having a dog makes you empathetic toward others.

Did I convince you to get a dog? Or do you already have one? Please post the picture of your dog in the comments!

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u convince me :)

great! :) what kind of the dog would you prefer? we got our dog from a dogshelter. here is his picture

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