in dog •  11 months ago

IMG_20180124_094051.jpg my little pickle: He got him self in a pickle. This morning my pup (Xho Xho) got himself into a jam. While I was having my morning coffee I could hear some paper ruffling. I looked in the living room I saw he had his head in the wife's waste sack. I yelled at him to get out of there he jumped a little and he took off with the sack. So I had to linvestigate and that is what I saw. He tried to go forward that didn't work, so he tried backward that didn't work either. My tablet was at the other end of the house,so I go lickity split for it, I get it and there he sits. I tried to get a video of his predicament there not enough light. But I did manage to get one shot. What he did was he stuck his head through the loop of the bag which had a ribbon between the handles, it was stuck on he tried to pull it off with his front feet, that didn't work either. I talked to him asking him what are you going to do laughing my ass off. It was about twenty minutes. My wife came in the room asked: " whats going on?"She saw what was going on and immediately removed the bag. She messed the whole learning curve thing all up. I was going to leave him alone, I couldn't stop laughing. Xho Xho is almost 7months old he might of picked something up the again maybe not
It was a great way to start the day.

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