Found out I lost one of my best friends today - Memorial to King, our American Bully

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Rest in peace my dear friend...

It's with much grief that I inform you that I made an extremely difficult decision to put down my beloved companion, King, and confirmed his passing this morning. He was a sweet dog with our family and his brother, Sammy, (albeit a bit jealous for attention at times) but, unfortunately he has recently went on a violent streak against neighborhood dogs with two incidents occurring over the course of two weeks. I have taken precautions after the first and was in the process of getting him enrolled in training to hopefully address these issues but I am afraid it was too late.

This is my memorial to my buddy who is already sorely missed. I would be lying to you folks if I told you that I was ok right now. I am not ok but know these wounds will heal in time. Expressing these feelings and receiving support from my friends has helped me to cope. I also wanted to take a moment and admonish fellow dog owners so they don't end up in my shoes. This terrible burden on my heart is difficult to bear.

King, was an 1 yr old American Bully. He was about 60 lbs. and had become a powerhouse. He was also a very intelligent animal but this time it was not for his own good. He had learned that he was able to pry the lower part of our fence gate ajar enough for him to fit his body through. He had escaped while I was at work and severely attacked two small dogs being walked by a neighbor. I received a call from my wife shortly thereafter.

I was on a high from just making my first game shot in a pickup basketball game. It got a shiner from taking an elbow but we still won. My feelings of victory were quickly overshadowed by this call and being made aware of a most terrible incident.

I rushed home as quickly as I could and was met by the animal control officer. I was in very vulnerable state knowing that another dog was on the precipice of death on account of King's actions for which I assume full responsibility. I desperately pleaded with the Animal Control officer for his opinion as to if there was hope for my boy and rehabilitation. The officer put things in perspective for me.

He informed me that I need to consider that my dog already has a taste for blood. I don't think he meant that literally but in the sense that he has an affinity to fight dogs outside of his pack in so much that he would seek a way to break free to find them and attack. He advised that the liability is too great and that I must consider my family to include my little sweetheart.

I must protect the interests of my wife and daughter first and foremost

A part of me wanted to be selfish and fight this but, as a man, I believe deep down I seemed apparently that this was the right decision as much as it breaks my heart. I asked for one last opportunity to embrace my pal. I heard King cry in the truck and the officer opened the door slightly. I petted my boy for the last time and told him that I love him.

I met my neighbor at the vet and spent the next 4 hours with her and we quickly became friends. By the grace of God, her babies made it but they are still recovering. Please, keep them all in prayer.

What have I learned from this ordeal?

I believe the following are valuable instructions for dog owners so they don't end up having to make such a gut wrenching decision as I did yesterday. If I would have done these things, perhaps my boy would be alive today. I miss him so much.

1. Socialize your family dogs early with plenty of humans and dogs to include those they are not familiar.

Ensure you do this when they are a puppy for a strong foundation later on especially with large breeds that could pose a significant danger. I know it's be nice to train that little ankle biter as well but, as I have experienced, it is much more urgent with breeds capable of great harm.

2. If you dog begins showing ANY signs of aggression, please consider having them neutered / spayed.

I made the critical mistake of delaying this to try to get the DNA tests / papers for breeding. I wanted King's lineage to be carried on but now he is gone.

3 . If your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety, seek treatment as soon as possible to include medication if necessary.

King had exhibited some behaviors when I was trying to train him to put on a muzzle that seemed consistent with anxiety looking back. He became frantically trying to remove the muzzle that it was actually frightening. I stopped because I feared I could have caused him to snap.

4. If you own a fence gate that latches at the top and you own a powerful breed, I highly recommend placing an addition latch or other device to secure the bottom.

Maybe even throw a few cinder blocks down for good measure. If I had done this, King would not have had that avenue for escape.

At this point, my mind has become deeply afflicted with the 'what ifs', ' could haves, and ' should haves'. I am racked with feelings or guilt and remorse but I know I have to eventually come to terms with what is rather than dwelling on hypotheticals. King is gone. Nothing is going to bring him back. I just hope that my words may be a lesson to someone else and their friend is preserved.

Eventually, we will find another dog but I don't think I will find another beautiful specimen of an animal as King. If it weren't for his brawling nature, he would have been damn near perfect. Everything seems so surreal right now as though that I am in a dream and just want to wake up with my arm around my big ol meat pillow. Thank you for taking the time to read this memorial honoring my friend.

Peace and grace, my friends. ❤️

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I'm sorry to hear that this happened to your best friend @anthonyadavisii,

but I am thankful that you can take your painful experience with King, and use it to help other animal owners understand the responsibility and seriousness of raising a pet. They are living beings too.

With love,

I too recently lost a great dog. My 110 pound yellow lab Titus. He was 11 years old. They become part of the family and things just aren’t the same around the house when it’s their time to go.

Time will heal, I was a mess for a few days but still every now and again I get teared up thinking about all the great times and annoying things he used to do.
God bless


I too recently lost a great dog. My 110 pound yellow lab Titus. He was 11 years old. They become part of the family and things just aren’t the same around the house when it’s their time to go.

Sorry to hear that. Yes, they absolutely do and how much becomes most apparent when they are gone. The impact King left behind in our hearts was profound and I am having a terrible time coming to terms. It's feels surreal thinking about my boy dying in the hands of complete strangers while I was still waiting at the vet.

You're right. I know with time this will get better but I am most definitely in the mess phase. Yeah, remembering the great times have helped us especially the funny goofy things that King would do.

I remember one time I had a drink that a bee fell in and I got it out and actually starting taking a video of it recovering. It looked like it was getting ready to fly off and King comes out of nowhere and just nonchalantly swallowed the bee. I'm going to see if I can find the video. Was pretty funny and unexpected.

Remember stuff like that helps me out a lot.

God bless you, too. Thanks for the reply. It helps when we are able to share our burdens of grief with one another. Think it helps the healing process.


The bee was in the road to recovery then oops, he gone. Too funny😂😂

Remembering the good times brings back tears and laughter also healing of the heart.

Sorry to read about this sad ordeal my friend. Our thoughts are with you. And you instead great advice that will help many people and their best friends.

Awww and he looks so pretty,so sorry,I bet you really miss him.


Like you wouldn't believe.

They don't call them man's best friend for nothing. I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing.


Appreciate your words and support. I hope others will benefit from the hard lessons I have learned. Fortunately, after sitting for 4 hours with the neighbor at the vet yesterday, her dogs were released and recovering. Her and I are now good friends after going through that together. That's a silver lining if I ever saw one!


I'm glad your new friend's dogs are ok and that at least something good has already come out of the tragedy.

I am sorry for your loss.


Thanks for the support, @cryptomatters.

Take care

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Bro I has a similar experience many years back. I moved from the city to a large acreage. I didn't have a good fence for my dog.
My dog ran off the second time we went for a walk on my new property.
I was devastated he was my boy.
Half Rottweiler and half Pit Bull. His name was Samson he was beautiful.
I had to go on.
Then one day when I came home from work 4 days later he was there at the gate entrance of my property worn and whooped but still my Samson.
Well we enjoyed our reunion for about four days but he had become different. When we went out side he no longer would mind me. We were walking along the fence a few days later and he jumped through the fence at a cow on my neighbours property. He completely ignored my commands and latched onto the cow. I had to physically remove him but he was not done. Then I had to be between him and the cow and capture him. Then I threw him over the fence(were in the neighbours pasture). He came back was not going to listen to me. This time I grabbed him and carried him over the fence and put him in my shop.
I went back to check on the cow, he would live but had a hunk of meat out of his rear.
I called the neighbour when they got home told them what happened.
Then I told them I was going to have him put down. They were shocked at my honesty didn't want me to put him down.

But I was there I knew I had lost control of a large athletic dog.
I could not take the risk of that happening again.

I took him to the vet the next day told the vet I needed to put him down. The vet asked me what happened took my money and I left. I had a feeling he also wanted to keep Samson he was a very loving and beautiful dog.

I don't know what happened but I have never had a friend like that again until I met my wife.
I still miss him today.