Animal Communication? Really??

in dog •  last year

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Each communicator is different. Some prefer that you ask specific questions while others simply converse with the animal. Some give you an understanding of your animal's soul purpose and your soul purpose and how they are connected; others stick more to practical matters.

If you ask three therapists to give an over view of a client some of the basic points will be the same while details and focuses may differ depending upon the therapist's view point and values. This is the same case if you ask three animal communicators to speak to your pet.

If your animal is experiencing difficulty, find out what the problem is so that little troubles do not grow into bigger ones. I went to visit a friend of mine and she had a little pup there visiting her with another of her friends. I asked what the dog’s name was and they told me Chivas, but he is still getting used to it as he doesn’t always respond to it. While talking to the pup he informs me that his name isn’t Chivas it is Eric. No wonder he didn’t want to respond to Chivas!

If you understand your animal from his or her soul purpose and view point problematic behaviors could be solved quickly and easily.

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