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Are you a photographer, writer, singer, designer, or any creator. You have a fear of being copied illegally because you don,t have a strong evidence of your work that can protect your copyrights. Documentchain is a solution to this problem.

What is Documentchain


Documentchain is a decentralized blockchain solution for document management systems. Documentchain secures your copyright on the blockchain. It is capable to do this difficult job because of its techniques and it is secured by the decentralized nature of blockchain. As a blockchain Documentchain has its own currency DMS coin. Documentchain provides document revision directly in the wallet, Files can be included by drag and drop. In document chain document proof can be created with the tiniest of resources. At this time 38,471 Documents are stored in the document chain.

How Documentchain Works


Documentchain stores hashes of the files and their description. These are stored permanently in the blockchain and cannot be modified or removed. The stored file can be compared by itself later, so it became a tamper-proof confirmation that a document has not been changed since then. To check whether data is unchanged, it is sufficient to compare a hash value stored with the current hash. Documentchain only secures the identity of the files and stores them in the blockchain. In the event of a violation of rights, you can present the file and certificate of proof as well as its deposit in the blockchain. Due to the decentralization of the blockchain, the technical evidence is very strong. It is a developer-friendly platform and can be integrated as a foundation for critical document records.

Uses of Documentchain

DocumentChain can be used for many purposes because this issue is everywhere now. Below are some uses of Document Chain.

Office Contracts & Documents

Many documents are created in offices that must not be changed. Documentchain is very helpful in this matter documents can be stored on Documentchain and can be compared later for confirmation on its authenticity. Many contacts are made between the organization. The contracts can be stored in Documentchain can be compared later or it can be shown that this contract in made on this particular date and not changed.

Security of Copyrights of Creators

Creator can be any person a writer, a singer, an engineer, a developer, etc, Who don,t want security of their copyright. Documentchain secure copyrights of creators. Creators can save their work to Documentchain which can be compared later. In the event of violation of rights the creator can show its evidence that this content was saved on this chain at this time.

DMS Coin


DMS Coin is the cryptocurrency used by Documentchain. DMS is a Masternode and POW coin with a short limited supply of 21 Million coins. A limited supply of coins is not common in Maternode coin. DMS is the key to the stability of Documentchain. With DMS you authorize transactions on the blockchain of Documentchain and can store document records worldwide accessible and decentralized. DMS coin is currently listed on Crex24 and Graviex

Opportunity for Investors


The main quality investors want is authenticity and validness of the project and the profit they get. The Documentchain was launched in autumn 2018 which is still running with high potential and the team behind the Documentchain is software company Krekeler which has been developing applications for digital document management for more than 20 years. It proves the project to be genuine. The Documentchain brings an opportunity for investors to make profit. Below are the way in which you can invest and make profit


Because DMS is a masternode Coin. DMS masternode collateral is 5000 coins. Currently DMS masternode annual ROI is 54.96% which is a great profit percentage over investment. Anyone can own a masternode and start earning daily. You only have to setup the masternode and just relax your masternode will generate a passive income. Masternode not just gives profit it is also the reason behind fast transactions and stability of the blockchain.


Another way is mining blocks over blockchain of Documentchain and get reward at every block mined. For mining DSM mining machines can be setup or you can just mine by your PC.

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