I Am Sam Kinison Review

in documentary •  11 months ago


If you don't know who Sam Kinison was, let me enlighten you. He was a ground breaking stand up comedian who liked to yell a lot at his audience during his stand up shows. In this documentary film you will learn about Sam Kinison's life, from his beginnings as a preacher up to complete stardome and drug driven lifestyle of a rockstar. That rockstar lifestyle was his undoing, doing coke and whiskey every day can really fuck up your life. Rick James once said cocaine is one helluva drug. Sam Kinison didn't care one bit.


He was a champion in doing drugs, and his stand ups were getting more and more offensive, loud and over the top, and the audience loved him even more. Very sad thing was, once he had his life under control again he died in a tragic car accident unable to show us his full potential. If you like stand up comedy you must check out his stand ups if you haven't, then go watch this documentary and learn about this guy, I strongly recommend it. Here is a sneak peak of some of his stand up shows.

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He definitely died too young. Was great in Rodney Dangerfield Back to School


He was essentially a Rodney Dangerfield's protige. Rodney "discovered" him and made him popular. Two absolute legends of comedy.


I did not know that!

For the first time I hear about him, maybe because I'm from another country, and the culture of the stand ups is just emerging here. You definitely widened my horizons today, thanks.

wow.it's very impressive.thanks for sharing.keep it up.

I was pumping iron in Petaluma California when I heard about Sam dying outside of Laughlin. I think it was Laughlin. Steem On Dude!