Dancing For a Brighter Future- Mini Docy

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This year two Swisserbros and I set out on an epic journey for a Video/Docy Project To gather video content for a documentary that will serve as medicine, one that tells the story of ancestral and generational healing, and forgiveness, between cultures, races, and creeds. But also the bridging of all nations, through dance, music, nature, food, and ceremony. To show case the events and organizations that are truly working in non-separate atmospheres.

Our intention of this first phase was to establish relationships, gain trust, and ask permission within particularly indigenous communities to show just how sacred life is still to them. We don’t want to focus on how Native communities are still limited by societal, economic and political pressures, but rather how nations, colors, and creeds are uniting and remembering our true state of peace. The merging of our work is to also show how the proper use of technology and cameras can serve as a gift.

Mia was our first of many stories along the journeys and she deserves the most support and credit for the aumazing work she’s doing with the youth.

My Swissbros and I have an incredible story of how we met hiking in New Zealand, from the start it was clear we wanted to create something together. Because these determined men are full in their hearts, unlimited in their potential for success, they recognize the challenges of telling underground stories, but most importantly they recognize the service to life for a greater cause than themselves, as you can see still young in their career but full of creative abilities to tell a powerful story.

Many more Mini Docys will transpire over 2020 that will conglomerate into one final project.




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Amazing community project you have going, thank you for the repost and look forward to connecting more. 💆‍♂️

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One of the best videos I've seen in the week! I hope you keep doing this ♡

Greetings from Venezuela

Que tal hermana!

Thank you for the support. I am actually in Ecuador now and go to Colombia very soon.
Doing similar work. I also enjoy your page as well, thanks for inspiring those around you.

Excellent video, very good documentary, I loved this dance and the way he teaches and practices it, I congratulate you on your art and your vote of curie. My greetings.

Muchas gracias amiga,
Thank you for your support also, I will let my filmmaker brothers know.
Look forward to stay connected.

hi dear @izzhe, an extraordinary video for this Saturday morning !! mine is doing an extraordinary job, she seems to me a great teacher, and dance can give a lot as a vehicle to transmit messages. it seems to me that you have a great project to carry on :-D Congratulations on your post and your curie vote

Thank you so much for your good words, yes thank you for supporting our intentions of shining light on others.

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Deep gratitude good brother for the support, look forward to fire collaborations.