Crypto Market collaspe documentary ( Gofundme)

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Well the crypto market is officially collapsing at a rate 15 times faster than the dot com bubble and confidence in this market isn't something that will rebound anytime soon. For all the people who mortgaged their homes and maxed out their credit cards, the reality of bankruptcy and homelessness is slowly setting in. With that being said, I think now is a opportune time to produce a documentary illustrating the collateral damage that this industry has caused. With more and more people taking their own lives a result of the fall out of the crypto industry, though the likes of all the crypto scammers like Justin Sun and the Bit connect gang will never see the inside of a prison cell, maybe the guilt that stems from this documentary will haunt their memories for years to come.

For the tens of millions of dollars they fraudulently accumulated translates to the destruction of thousands of individual lives, with a trickling affect that will last generations. If these people really had a conscious they would return some of this money, but they wont. For the most part their money has been exchanged into fiat and they have moved on to the next latest and greatest scam.

So if you want to help me make this documentary a reality, please go to go fund me and make a donation. I plan to shoot this documentary over the course of the summer whether financed or not. People deserve to have their voices heard and making ignorant comments like " you should only invest what you can afford to lose" isn't a relevant statement. If the industry collapsing at a rate 15 times faster than the dot com bubble, something is inherently wrong.

All you ALT coin creators who directly caused the expedited downfall of the industry by creating coin after coin with no merit or intrinsic value - if you have a heart - id consider pulling over to the side of the road and parking the Lambo and making a fucking donation.

If you want to donate steem that's fine as well

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agree with all the scammers bit they are scum but is it really dropping wonder who has done that research. if you consider the massive growth it levels itself out as still a great investment. This research will have been done by some money people wanting the price to drop so they can get in coz they didn't ta the beginning. banks are in on it governments are in on it @qam2112


The banks sure are. In December 2017 when the same 50 -100 billion was pumping daily in and out of the market, it was obvious that it was institutional. Every time the market went up a bit organically through investments made by legitimate investors , the banks and other institutions would artificially stunt the market.


also take into account that on coin market cap currently is 353b but that aint right at max it will be around 50b a few guys have done videos on that. If I creted a new coin called qamcoin and had 1b coins and sold you one for a dollar I would add on 1b to the market which is bull but that's crypto for you lol wild wild west @qam2112

have a look at a post I did on teeka tiwani would fit right in with what your saying


I will, thank you for your support. :) Please restreem and maybe we will even get the attention of @dan