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DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE FUTURE OF STEEM! Simple strategy: Buy the dips, average your buy-cost and wait for the next rally... I should probably spend a lot of words explaining why, why and then again why - but it is what it is - buy cheap, hodl for a long time and sell from time to time as your equities in steem becomes serious assets over the next 2-3 years.

Every month everyone of you make some money. So put 10% of that money into steem every single month to get a good foot in the door of steem, and over a 12 month period you will get what is called a yearly average which is perfect for a looong play (3, 5, 10 years) that can produce you extreme values over that timespan!

Buy Steem - Power Up - Do not be afraid! Steem offers more money-making oppertunities on site, so do not be afraid to make as much money as you can in every way you can.


Sincerely - @fyrstikken


Great idea. I will start buying them .

thanks...this is how we new guy learn from you..the whale with helping hand...

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Yes very true. I have already planned to convert few sbd into steem . It helps in my savings and also improves my power and the most important thing. Steemit has future if steem has.

Hell yes! Convert all Steem and SBD (and any other money you can spare) into Steem Power, this platform is going to rock your socks! It keeps rising towards number 1 on the Alexa chart

I think that Steem is going to be HUGE in the coming years, I think the only reason the price hasnt exploded is that many people simply dont know about it in the crypto world, its absolutely incredible

In my opinion, the difficulty is that the Steem, or the presentation of the Steem is too complicated for a simple user. When you read the technical part or listen to the conference of the Founders of Steem, everything is so "clear and understandable ..". About this, the Russians have a proverb: "here you can not understand without the half a liter." It is necessary to submit information easier, closer to people, what would a simple housewife understand.

Absolutely right

steem has the future but only if steemit can reach to at least 10% of the internet users, i mean look at YouTube, only 20% internet users is using that site and look how big it is, so bring in more people who has influence and sure steem with skyrocket @fyrstikken

Thank you for the advice, I'm going to do that ! You're the whale who give helping-hand to the new arrivals by upvoting them, thank you guy ! You give us give us the desire to stay on steemit ;-)

I wont lie... i wasnt going to comment but then i saw your user name, and well, here we are

Ah - I wondered why he (or she?) voted for me. What a generous gesture. THANK YOU. And thank you sex-info for explaining. As you say, it's the kind of encouragement we newbies need. I wish good fortune to all of you on Steem.

That's the key, a small stake each month, powered up of course!

And yes I am planning to power up! Long term mindset

I watch this video excellent video thanx for sharing....

I agree people should have faith in steem as steemit is going to be the next big thing. Those who buy in the dip are going to make a fortune.
Steem on!

is slowly gaining attention and might be as big as reddit someday!

I think that many social media platforms will become fearful of the huge potential of steemit.
Just keep spreading the word.

I can not stress that this is the perfect time !!

Its perfect or not but i think we all should fix some sharevof Sbd to be transfered to steem .. few posts with 100%steem and never powering down

if warren buffett says it believe it! :)

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I am buying too. Upvoted and resteemed.

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Btw, Thank you for upvoting me. Please continue. You are the only whale who has upvoted me. You have kept me alive in steemit. ☺

Haven't got a chance to establish a deeper relationship with him yet he's the only whale upvoting my posts as well. Exemplary steemian!

Best advice I heard all time! Thanks for the confirmation! Upvoted!!!

time to power up

All in!

Old Buffet know the secret.
Patience .. always be patient ..

Upvoted Resteemed & Followed

Very well said. I am adding to my steemit power regularly.

STEEMIT = Printing your own money

YESS, this is the time. I feel like its a forced sub reset on the market. All those people that wanted to get in on the price margin finally have can have a crack at it. A market down always looks bad to the weak minded, but is an opportunity to the brave. It's time to take that leap we all have been speaking about. Cheers!


This is the best strategy to invest. We can't see the future buy by this our purchase price will fall in some where in between so its a win win situation.

Amazing ..just excellent.......
This is my introductory is given below


You will look back on this day and salute yourself for making a wise decision that makes your life and those you love comfortable

i will try to convert my SBD i earn here to steem or steem power, as it is still in the Dip.
i have tried it a few times on the internal market, but it seem the outside market has a better price l.
thank you so much.

Nice article man! You re rocking 🔥♥️

Good news...

Thank you vote ... very meaningful to me ...

Awesome buddy ..really cool!

Thank you for the tips!

Great post.

i would have bought the dip yesterday, but i just made an account on kraken and it takes time for approval!!!!!!

Thanks for the great advice! Spend money earned here, need if it is only
necessary, it is better to invest them!

Good suggestion, but still those who are afraid!
I like that you added!

I will try, thanks

Im waiting for poloniex to let me sell my SBD for full price and then I'll power up 100% of my rewards for my latest post as per usual ;)

Don't wait for poloniex, because last month they banned bytecoin and is still banned..

Yea. Buy into the dips.
The best idea of a rich man.
Take the bull by the horn.
No Fear is suppose to be a designer I

Very useful information thanks for sharing.. i just powered up 25 steem... and i wish i have money to power up more

very nice ;)

Stellar advice.
Thanks for sharing Mr. Buffett's thoughts!

Great share..I will be buying this weekend 100%, cheers!

I believe in the future of steemit, so I won't be against the idea of investing in it for the long run.

Awesome idea @fyrstikken , for sure i will invest as quick as possible. I dont want to miss this chance

Thanks a lot for the upvote @fyrstikken By upvoting all these minnows you are doing a great act of Humanity ! The more you give the more you will possess on the long run. Keep it going! Bravo

I completely agree, it's not clear only the jumps in the quotes SBD and STEEM, I like a fool surpassed SBD in STEEM

Great idea! Long term mindset!

Wow, thank you so much! You just made my day! Following you till the end!

Good post, you are the one who sparked my interest in steemit. I have been on Poloniex this whole time and didnt see steemit for what it is. Great potential. And thanks for upvoting me as well!

Great post. Invest in STEEM

will do mate !

I shouldn't be afraid to invest "real money." Thanks for the boost in courage.

Great advice! Thank you!

Should totally start dollar cost averaging on Steem. Thanks for sharing your thought!

time to power up

This is the right to time Power Up indeed. Since you don't get less for using your Steem Power. Just have to time your cashing our right.

Thanks for this information..i have set my buying order at bittrex and i just hope it will trigger so that can power up

100% agree, i think this is the best opportunity there is to enter the market right now, steemit is constantly growing and the steem price will never be as low again!
buy buy buy

Yeah, today I bought as test to see how it works 1 steem power hehe

It's all about that dip! Thanks for the advice, I'm struggling to find an exchange that I can buy Steem on because I'm in South Africa, any recommendations would be extremely welcome! image

I'm in the same boat, if you find something please let me know. Would be much appreciated.

Cool I shall do so sir!

Time to power up and see how it goes! You never know when will it moon I guess!

Buy the dip, won't sink the ship!

Well said ... so simple, but so many don't understand the basics. Many don't plan for the future.

@fyrstikken: Thanks you so much for the suggestion, Will look forward for more ideas from you. Upvoted!

New follower, and pretty new to steem..where should I buy i'm considering investing in a few days. Thanks for your time @frystikken, have a great day!

Nice! I will buy definitely.

Oh hey by the way..your music and animations are wonderful!!!

This is the best strategy to invest!

Good suggestion! Thanks!

@fyrstikken..True, it's the right time to buy Steem. The future is skywards. The steem rally is gonna begin. We for steem :) Thanks for the post.

A 10% of your own money per month will make you rich in the future, I know for sure. I'm accumulating for some time already

Hey @fyrstikken, Long-term I absolutely feel the same way. I do predict another dip in July because of BTC uncertainty. I have no FOMO right now :) After that one, let's go to the moon!

@fyrstikken , I don't want to hijack your post, but you may also find this article I wrote about valuation interesting:

I totally agree with you. Investing in Steemit is investing in the community is investing in the future. I today bought my first pieces of Bitcoins to invest even further. Steem's development is up to us.

Let's do something nice!

I will start buying them! awesome idea!

I will buy, thanks!

Thanks for the great advice!

why does everybody think, that steem will be future? Don't get me wrong, I love this page, but I am bit sceptical.

Because the market cap and growing potential of the platform:) My subjective views, cheers! Buy on!!!

I started buying yesterday and continued today, everything went into Steem Power!

I think all those who are now actively developing along with Steemit believe in him=))

Awesome advice, will do, thanks!

thank you for ur advice!!!

Good strategy!

I have followed many tips from you fyrst and my investments have been growing ever since.

Always the best advice @fyrstikken I'm not letting Steem get away from me!

Yes I am planning to power up!

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Excellent video thanks for sharing!

@frystikken always a good to chat to you bet you bought in v low

thanks brother big luv

thanks bro

Exactly! Great advice!
I've just done that and bought $60 of steem. I know that's nothing for many here, but hey, that's what I had as spending money for today. It went straight to power up!

I agree with you this nice strategy help to increase steem power especialy for new Steemians, Thanks for sharing !!!
Nice posts are always resteemed by me ;)

I have been waiting for someone with the right advice all day ... this is the most encouarging advice I heard from the doom and gloom of others ... Thank you so much... let go! Followed and upvoted. Thanks for sharing and spreading hope! Long live steeemit.

Is there an easy guide for us new here on how to buy steem when we have no cryptocurrency.

Such as using Paypal or personal bank account.

I bought some STEEM today for low, but I buy STEEM everyday!

Thanks @fyrstikken, for the information and tips you suggest. I strongly agree to that, and I will definitely do for development for me and steemit progress in the future.

This is such good advice! I have started Powering Up all my posts. In the long run it just makes more sense!

And thanks for sharing this info, and not keeping it to yourself. Us minnows need all the help we can get!

Yeah agree 100% and it's great pay it forward system.

Growth potential and market cap steemers.. this was 3 days ago

this is why buying is good!

great advice from a great steemian :)
thank you very much ;)
Have a nice day! :)

@fyrstikken resteemed hope new people like me get to reach you <3

I am on voice&text chat every day, connect with me there - we are over 1500 members, about 250-300 active users at any given time. Perfect place to get to know more people.

thanks for the opportunity sir will join right away <3

I didn't know SteemSpeak was a thing.
I guess I'll check it out when I have the time.

is it a discord app?

Yes, It's a discord group. Do join us asap!

just joined :)

Yeh, it's an awesome place, besides you will get to know lots of HQ users over there!

@fyrstikken ...Apparent you're a steemer who cares, really exciting knowing a whale who does!



Sorry, everyone can join

I believe in Steemit, because let's be honest, most new social media platforms these days aren't very unique, that's where Steemit beats them. Steemit also uses cryptocurrency which me and many, many others support and use. I think investing in Steemit and hodling for a long time is a good idea.

nice article sir you are the best <3

I have faith in steem!

I think he has a good perspective... Thank you, @fyrstikken!

Nice article man! Thanks!

Nice, I like this!! Invest in Steemit like other cryptos

Very useful information thanks for sharing! I just powered up!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree!

Time to power up!

I am buying too. Upvoted!

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