Genomics and The Future

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The standard of living of the world is steadily rising. It's already good in a lot of places, so people now focus on enjoying life to the fullest but sometimes our quality of life is not as we want it to be because of the state of our health.
Genetic related diseases have always blighted man leading to much suffering and loss of loved ones from simple genetic defects like the AS genotype that has even stopped people in love from fulfilling their dreams of getting married for the fear of giving birth to children who will turn to have sickle cell anaemia, to progressive neurodegenerative diseases like huntington's disease that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain which eventually leads to an individual's loss of functional abilities in movement thinking and results in ultimate death allowing for patients and their loved ones to go through painful experiences.

We now ask ourselves if we were to make this world a better place in terms of health care what will be the first step, what if preventable diseases were able to be detected and prevented from even occurring, what if we could help each other by serving as a warning to others not have the same fate befalling some of us, what if we could help the world and still stay safe doing it, what if we could find cures for certain diseases that will be a plus for humanity? A lot of us will say; "well that's for the future to come". If you say that you won't be wrong because the future is now.
DNAtix project is a platform that gives people the ability to store their genome [ genetic makeup ]in a secure decentralized data base which is only accessible to an individual or to other parties with the individuals consent,with this database pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties will have enough study subjects for improving quality of life by drug testing and mapping out genes for certain treatable genetic diseases. This data is secure and can be monitized if an individual consents, the currency of this data trade is the DNAtix tokens, this tokens enables individuals to acquire genome sequencing kits, store genomic data ,acquire access to health and fitness apps from 3rd party providers. It also enables an individual to access the genome database.
Genomics and the Future doesn't seem so bad after all

For more information on DNAtix platform and DNAtix tokens visit ,

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