Bounty 20 steem: DNA to food recommendations. Legit?

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I got an ad today on twitter about a DNA test that can make diet recommendations.

This seems interesting. However I have absolutely no idea about the validity of this.

So I am asking you:

  • is this legit? Ie a real business with a real service vs something scammy and overpriced
  • what is the science behind it


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Your DNA will lead them to different groups of people and regions around the globe.

They take the geographic locations and match the surrounding food supply. They now have your people's past dietary habits.

Spew the information back at you after calculating or controlling for their factors, e.g. migration.

I like these projects, but I often find the scientific method to be grossly lacking and only take to account 60% of the Data.

This makes sense. I also think just looking at where my DNA is from seems a bit too vague. I am sure there are differences individually even within regions.

I have to look into this further

Theoretically, almost everything about our body is encoded in our DNA, including the reaction of our body to different groups of food.

Now I don't know if we reach this level in reality, but I just bought for myself a DNA Health package from MyHeritage. I'm currently more interested in health patterns than in diet.

I do not know anything about this offer, but I would not be sending my dna off to anyone.

How can i be rewarded¡¡¡

I don't think they are for real, the same advice they offer you can be done with just enough info about a person's body and habits without the need of any dna.

Well I dig tech. So if DNA makes it better why not use it.

Sounds false, because the DNA contains the genes of your ancestors that underwent changes over the centuries, the status of a generation will not be observed.

We will have to read the original article and the arguments well, it may be that starting from your DNA suggests that diet combines you to consume, but this generates more doubts.

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At first glance the idea of using DNA tests to determine if they should eat a low diet or a high carb diet is good, since it is your DNA tells you everything about you and more about you, it tells you about your ancestors, the The point is that if we really need that information and it is not just another form of obsession with the current image or fashion.

Could be just guesses and assumptions, not factual data they give

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