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I'm not the first to point out but it can't be said often enough: DNA tests would actually be an advantage for men. It would be an end to cuckoldry.

The 7 extra month are a small price pay if it makes sure that only the actual father needs to pay child support.

Of course that @DarshunKendrick didn't notice shows how deeply she is rooted into the feminist man bad / women good ideology.

#MGTOW #MensRights #Feminism


Well, when 1 in 4 children aren't the father's. Based on blood tests done at hospitals at birth.
And 1 in 5 children are not the father's. Data from DNA test lab.

Then, what are we left with?

Since women can't support themselves, how do men allot the responsibility?
Are men just going to be required to pay a "women tax"?

Right now, men are paying women by quotas in work places.
Right now, men are paying women by dating
Right now, men are paying women by child support and alimony.
Right now, men are paying women through taxes going to section 8, and other welfare programs.

So, what are men to do?
The female run govern-cement will not do anything.

How can men apportion the support of women?
It is obvious that the monogamous marriage thing is over.
So, one man supporting one woman, his woman, is out the window


You can only minimise the payment to women you do by not dating and not having sex (with women that is).


Thats what ive been doing for over 10 years.
Ill still argue against the idea that deadbeat mothers should be allowed to drain the wallets of unwilling fathers. After all, having a baby is a womans choice and only a womans choice. Men dont have reliable and reversible birth control, men cant abort, men cant give the baby up at a save haven (not without being charged with kidnapping anyways, i guess in principle they could) nor give the child up for adoption.


It depends on country but a man could probably save haven abandon if he had sole custody. For example when the mother dies giving birth. But those cases are rare.

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