Absolutely. People who have absolutely zero worldview (and a government school's indoctrinational understanding of the Constitution) shouldn't be leading a mass Appeal to Emotion campaign.

Also, this kid was interviewing other students DURING the active shooter? Other kids we're calling their parents, fearing for their life. These kids are spouting talking points?

There's definitely some manipulation afoot.

this is a generation that livestreams it when they kidnap and assault someone, one thing is for sure, no one should care what a traumatized child thinks.

The same people that call Trump a fascist or Hitler are asking him to ban all guns proof our education is broken if they learned history no way they want a fascist dictator to disarm the public.

It's a wild manipulation, for sure.

Hey @thepholosopher,

Yes everyone knows the norms of government and know there political control. Good post:)