whale lol. ferociously deadly

deadly can still be turned off with a small group

that's as cruel as you to turn something off

my cruelty only I give to those who are arrogant. whether you will also boast

I'm never proud of arrogant. arrogant illness loss of friendship

good if you understand about the risk of somb properties

Hello Welcome dmania. Upvote(will 100%) and Comment (Follow you) Please mutual support ,Upvote me the Post and comment me (Comments upvoting.)

i will like your referrals. hope you like my post

whether you are from a small community that wants to become a whale

how do you know it, this is a great love affection to the small

I see you make the title of affection from the whale. what is the meaning of aneuk Seureudeng, give me a clear explanation. I liked your post and I chose you

"aneuk Seureudeng" is a small fish. if given the idea that actually those who have a great reputation are eager to help the small. thank you for liking my post. please share it if you wish

thank you for your information. now I already understand about aneuk Seureudeng. The point is the newbie should be able to keep the community to unite in order to be together a group of whales. I'll be happy to share your post

you are good at digesting the language

funny giant fish

do you like my post

i love the whale image because i will also like him

hope you become a whale one day and do not forget

thanks. hopefully you will also become a whale one time nan

being a whale is not as easy as we imagine

If you want big join small compactness together

thanks for the encouraging advice to unite

your love i consider. lol

your jokes make me love your visit

how far can you like #dmania?

surely if something that makes me laugh and cheerful new i first found in @dmania

walaupun kita Aneuk Sereudeng masih bisa tetap bekarya

Benar bg. Aneuk sereudeng bersatu

Big fish woul pounce on small fish....(funny)

if a small fish is united then the shark does not dare eat it

Cukop brat mangat bang.pulom ta sambai.keunong kuah phiek..

Kapalo, di tengoh malam meno tijoh water babah pat tamita man. 😂

Hahahaha ... bereh .. na akun whale of seureudeng

Bos Seureudeng kajeut keu ikan paus Seureudeng brother. Na rencana ta sambai 😂

Lam suboh neu terjun sang tgk nyoe. 😂

This post make me “teugrihing2 sendiri”🤣🤣🤣🤣

😂 teugreuhing2 wa pulapingkuy