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lol . i like it so muchh

Lol. This is the most perfect presentation of "New".
Bunch of piss jugs and garbage juice.

Hahaha. Hilarious but kind of paints the picture


The greeet meme funny......

So True

Who cares for new :D

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crap posting here /

I think they are trying to find a hammer for abusers 😂😂😂😂

true representation

Well, that's what happens when you pay people to write anything. They write anything.


half of these comments are garbage too lol


I'd say ~80% of them


@newsflash I like your opinion is amazing


u must be fun at party and have my upvote

hahaha enjoy this

this is big is very bad..we should allow the we can stop waste this

create bitcoin with all material lol...

And trending... lol.

OMG I CAN SEE MY CONTENT RIGHT THERE!...............................................

Electronic goods and metals if thrown away into the trash will pollute the environment with harmful toxins. If it is recycled properly, it can be a supplier of environmentally friendly raw materials.

haha what are the steemians looking for?

I don't get it Are they looking for the old man's computer that has $30 million from mining Bitcoin?

Haha.. it is a really fact Steemian Browsing "New"


Ouch lol

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In life it's always important to maintain a positive attitude. So:


Wkwkkwkwkwkkwkwkw haaa haaa lol

Dear friends follow and upvote me.I will back too

Ha ha

True because it's funny. xD

waste shelters must be recyclable, for the life to come, not to the next generation they can not enjoy how beautiful and beautiful the world is now, come on let's unite to fix this garbage problem

The scenery is incredible, where there is wrecked car wreck

its more like finding good memes in normies site

steady good job


Like most garbage, one persons trash is another's treasure. You can find some gems under new occasionally.

Gotta keep looking for that gem in the rough



these are metals waiting to be processed with necessary machinery and finishing touches coming out in form of iron doors and so on

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This seems to be important

lol new posts full of scraps

hahahahahaaaa so cute I am not able to laugh anymore.

Lmaoo, how about trending tho?

Haha lol 😂

Meme funny

True, Steemians do like this for rewards :-)

I didn't get it. What the hell is that?


the problems that we have to address, especially their governments should assess this is the problem that occurs today in many countries, especially developing countries

Hi . Regards from me. Hope we will be friend

Very interesting, I will be sure to check it out, please keep us updated

very nice .. and funny

wow.. that was a very kind works sir!

keep it up my fellow steemians..

Hi it's a very amazing post. congratulations friend