Yea it happened to me once and it wasn't a pleasant the venue.
I just owe it myself and get things straight next time.

Its Kinda like this...

That's so frustrating said Google Docs users never.

That one is much better 😂🤣

i friggen love that panda

Any one time of this happening is too often. I like to back up new work in Google docs just in case of an unwanted incident.

It happen to me like 6 months ago... I got to cocky and was like, "It can't happen to me again." HAHA

I like your post
Upvote me

This happened when I did my introduceyourself post.

Frustrating! I forgot everything I wrote... no worries I'll probably type it again later tonight, to exhausted lol

Google docs is your friend. You put a lot of emoji's into your post so I know your double pissed.

People don’t understand that it takes a little bit more effor with all that emojies lol


I’m scared to do that these days, macs are expensive haha

Alternative title: When someone shitposts and makes over $500.

That's why it's good to write it in something else. Also, the editing on Steemit is still filled with glitches and because of that, I prefer copy-pasting the final/almost final version. No more headaches. :D

I got cocky and was like pshhh never going to happen to me again, guess what? It did 😂🤣

Always backup!! Notepad is your friend.

I thought I got good enough for the last couple of months... then boom, all gone lol

That was funny as hell!

Funniest meme ever! 😂

Hey, this guy was completely saddened by his work, see a hard day haha :)

He needs a new job lol

Seriously, this happened twice to me and I just about wanted to put it on fire.

That would be a great blog post lol

Crypto > Corporate job haha

10000000% agree, the best way to live :)

You are enjoying DMania @stackin! Thank you for sharing this yesterday I tried posting too! :)

Its fun but I don't plan to abuse it like most peopledo , maybe 3 times a week kinda deal :)

Hahaa that is why I bought a Mac book and stopped making posts on my phone. I never would have lasted this long and I’d likely need to buy a new phone after tossing this one into the river 😆

I’m going old school, back to windows 95 😂

You're so retro!

Thats why always write it on a word document and then just copy paste it on steemit :D

The file wasn't saved and gone, argggg haha

That is very frustrating!

I feel the pain 😂

I hope your computer (and possibly co-workers) survived your wrath!!!!

Na, everyone felt the pain haha

So, what do you do? I suggest you eat and relax - it is not the end of life!

I’m going to go workout 😬😀

Its funny now, but in the totally wasnt lol

For a split second, it was chaos lol

Oh so frustrating... ha ha... and working in a cubicle too!

I made my own cubical at home haha

That image is from a video from a long time ago. Lol years ago. I remember the original video being shared online.

It's such aclassic! :)

I lost 4 pages of a research paper in my early years of college. I quickly learned to save frequently.

I was like what’s the odds of my computer crash in 2018, never happens and guess what it did 😂

Good thing steemit saves whatever you are writing!

I was typing it in word, never do that again lol

Or when you work on a post for half an hour, pc crashes, you redo and like 2 people see it lol

Ouch, that’s worse 🤣😂

hahaha when SBD and Steem lose value

@stackin :)

So many ups and downs, I would have to buy 100’s of computers lol

LOL. like my husband :)

Got a little nutty today. haha

I was an IT admin, converting PC's from OS2 to Windows when I first watched this. I can definitely relate!!!

Brings back Memories lol

Yup, it makes me feel old ... A - U - L - D

LOL Love that's happened to me and that's how I felt lol. Thankfully I didn't trash my laptop :D

I'm to tired to write another one, I was about to break my computer but my mac is like $2000 haha

Hohooo..good self control!! A little rest and it will come back to you lol

Wow loved your post...loved reading's amazing....thank you for sharing have a good day.

And then the meme gif you post in your rage goes on to earn about as much as the post would've earnt, despite putting a lot less effort into the gif.

Not sure if that would make me feel a bit better or just piss me off more

sometimes it is the best solution :)

Any one time of this happening is too often. I like to back up new work in Google docs just in case of an unwanted incident.

@stackin That's a sad situation to be in. Dessert always fixes the mood :) Try it. Steem on :)

It's ok. I'm not gonna mad at you


Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..
I will still wait for your next post....

He raped the computer. I think he just found out that Bitco has fallen.

I think word office has a backup function, so i'm saved, and if i destroyed my computer then i would never be able to post online xD

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Like when you're clumsy enough to not back up every second :') yeah, I'm talking about me

:))) very nice

Fortunately never happened to me on this platform. Even worse for me was when I did a PowerPoint and wrote down the sources in a text document, then closed all the Firefox tabs, saved my PowerPoint, put my PC in energy save mode and when I came back and wanted to continue my work, the PC crashed for no reason and all my sources weren´t saved...
This was annoying af. xD Or when you write a long online form, send it in, get no reply and then you have to write everything new in an email xD

always make a bakup! ;)

Wow, I remembered this video when it was on window's media player. Damn still funny though

Lol I said the same thing. Came out a long time ago.

hahaha nice but now we use laptop not this old computers cpus for open sites and blogs @stackin ...and becarefull man bcz now laptop are not cheap

That's why is very wise to back up

Before learn it (Can backup it) i was trying to kill PC :)

uppsss !!!! Who is find my office cam recorddd ??? :oooo :)

Always at the top and continue. I hope you will read my postings and would like to thank you

Another gif should be better. I am not sharing same things with you steemian.


it's about time for him to replace his PC from the 90s ;)

Save often is the only way to be safe!

hahah, when i see this first time it seems to me crazy and mad man, but later it happened with me i am also going wild!

That's me at work everyday..

Ohhh that feeling lol hahah

i know the has happened to several times..but for me that is the least funniest moment in my life :)

You'll just kill yourself and run away 😁

When it happened it sucks

This morning i was going to do a rehearsal but my PC restarted :(

Ahaha haa haaa

Don't even fall for it. The old gal was simply acting up some scripts in the 90s. Also note that was an empty gadget and acting up with a new working gadget in the 90s would simply be too costly to crash.😇 Funny dude

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why i cant get any upvote from you? I created some gifs, they are good enough. you owe me an upvote bro =)

Mister I'll make a man out of you.

Nice! Love this video. Forgot all about it for a couple of years. Doesn’t stop being funny :-) thanks!

Yeah, this kinda happened to me today lol ... I will have to rewrite my blog tonight that I lost 🤣

hahah epic lol no one would remain calm after that

my angryness would be on a different level hahah

That sucks man. I know the feeling back when you'd hit the post button, nothing would happen, and your post would be deleted.

hahahah angry Bird ...
Thanks for sharing

especially on dtube ! waiting n waiting n waiting !!!

Bitcoin crashed again?

oh for god sake nooooooo :D

Hahahahaha. It has happened to me before. The experience is really painful. In fact I was like..... businessman-gun-wants-to-commit-suicide-isolated-white-background-63718286.jpg

Lmfao now a day I try to take a deep breath and walk away, back in the day it would fly out the window signing "I Believe I Can Fly!" 😂😂😂🤣

Hahaha very funny

@stackin Life happens...


hahahaha its very funny. LOL

I see your frustration. What I do to guard against this is that I run my writings through a text to speech. This way I can catch any wording mistakes, but also if something happens to my blog I can still copy and paste it from my text to speech program since a copy of it is still there.

One day the PC crashed on a post I worked on for around THREE HOURS!! and it in the one time I decided to not backup because I thought I would take only 15 minutes to write.

Oh that sucks man 😲

When you have worked your ass off for a post, and don't get enough upvotes

... happening just once was enough. Now I have everything in google docs first! Great!


(dont get that shiiiit on facebook!!) :D

...but then auto-save saves your ass.

life is a BLOG!

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