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No matter what else you are impassioned to correct: Jobs, Tariffs, Russia, Dacca, Puertor Rico, Flint, EPA, Emoluments, ICE, Racism, Tax breaks, Bum Stocks, AHCA, BLM, Me too and the 100s of other reason.

This means there is only 1 way to deal with this.... Register and Vote.... It matters!
Register in under 10 minutes here till friday:


Russia? Are you a baby boomer?

What was it Obama said to Romney when he was going on about Russia...

"The 80s are calling, they want your foreign policy back".


I'm first year of gen x,,,that has nothing to do with it...
The fact is I have Russian Heritage in me.
And lived during the Soviet Union and Post.
I have seen the rise of the Oligarchs and dealt with the Russian Mob (which state sponsored)

Obama, at first tried to reach out and by the end of his first year he started taking a hardline, just as Bush W, did...

Russia has a long history going back to the cossacks of killing its people and be aggresive with its neighbors.

compromises never work out in the long run, that is why our planetary affairs are going from bad to worse. Following the money prevents any compromises


compromise works when you have people of good comsciemce on both sides and realize there is more gain from workimg together than fighting.


right but defining what a "good conscience" is the beginning of the rabbit hole. LOL

I see what you mean, dont you worry


Your attitude is to throw the Baby out with the Bathwater.

Just like all good marriage relationships understand that it's not a me and you anymore, it's an us.

Is everything perfect NO...

Just like in Math most big sets with logs parameters are non-deterministic....
You don't throw them away, you look for trends and have formulas that represent the changing landscap.

The same way you have open working relationships but they have to be verifiable...NOT Just talk......

Essentially be smart know as many ways to react differently based on buy in. And walk quietly and carry a big stick....

As opposed to these yelling Republicans who have 30% of the electorate who walking loud and through trickery have leveraged there way in to control with a small stick.

Now like a lion cub who keeps biting on the Lion whiskers after a while he's going to swatted.... Otherwise its going to grow large and think it can bully anyone.


you misunderstood my sentence... "good conscience" when one does not know what is "right" will not lead anybody far. Hence the rabbit hole as people too often think in term of moral/cultural relativism

Bipartisan compromise that produces bad bills still produces bad bills!


McCain Finegold was not a bad bill,
The Brady Bill was not a bad Bill

You are a fool... Obviously you parachute in for elections or just don't vote at all....