I want to see more faces like this!

Shrek is coming to town

Kong or Shrek?

definitely looks like shrek,kind of creepy if you think sbout it

Both! Lolz. Nice guess

It's Squidward's House man!

I thing that she is Fiona :)

looking very nice and joyful.

it's still a SLOW Honda...

yes of course :)

My friend. You are nailing it here. I enjoy viewing your meme.

thank you for the comment, @masterwriter

😝very fan😝


Əla günün olsun.

Art!!!!. Qarı ancaq sosial şəbəkələrdən izlədik :)

Məhşur söz " yoxa lənət" :)

ㅎㅎ 한참 웃었네요

For people that can't read this it says, " Haha I laughed for awhile".


lol. wow, nice!! what were you thinking?

Snow art is the best! Thanks for sharing.

Gözəl senet eseridi


He has my nose :P
I really like the way you made the eyes ^^ - I wonder way his eyebrows do not break off. Snow can be such strong :O Or do you let it #freeze ?

Sorry but, I have to repost this, it's a mix between creepy and funny, I like it, hahaha!

What a creative idea! I think it beats the characters in the Disney's CARS!
Two thumbs up. Cheers :)

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Looks very nice and lovely, what here u thinking

une belle sculpture

Möhtəşəm sənət əsəri, əla :)

Çox sağ ol, @faig.

What a clever idea! Love it.

you should add yellow paint!!!!! ha ha

What a charming winter style! :D I see somebody put a lot of effort!
It looks like a cousin of Lightning McQueen! ;) Because it has such an attractive eyes, hah! ;) Everyone who likes it or just looks, SUPPORT Please! !! ALL GOOD Thanks in advance !!! It's not so hard for you to vote, do not be so bad people !!!! I'm sorry translated using an Internet translator, I myself am far from English !!!

yessssssss play with life!!!

Sweet face of winter .)

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Təşəkkürlər, əmi.

this face will be sweating if you mention the sun haha

Is this King Kong's head? xD

It's Squidward's House
Google it...

I really like it. Standing applause and upvote from wkwkwk land

Haha güzelmiş :)


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