always the dip my friend ALWAYS :D

Hahah i aggre with you!

Always.....common sense.....i hope it is common

I agree with you

Why is buy low and sell high, such a hard concept for people to grasp.

Because people get panicked and scared to see prices falling down. So, instead of buying then, they just sell whatever they have in the hope that they won't suffer further losses. If you want to win this game, you need to buy the dip and hodl!

I think it's more that they aren't familiar with the concept of waiting.

Buy low hodl sell very high

hehe, that's a good one XD

Lol great. Buying some of that dip now!

Yes should have bought the dip, but the good thing is that I also didn't panick sell! Just hodling whatever I have, which I bought when the prices were way lower.

Lol..... Interesting but sent message across

lol, you just made me smile, with this post

I know in advance about this Dip, mention support for Bitcoin $14940 , and now braked it will close today near $11700 Price, then only recover otherwise more downside and can touch $9000 levels too.

Yes, that is why nowadays I neither buy nor sell. Kinda play it safe, and just hodl whatever I bought when the price was way down than what is now.

Noooo! This is how it's done!

Congrats for those who wants to buy is the opportunity...but what if it never reach the 19k next year......

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