Co-Founder of Ethereum (Vitalik Buterin) caught mining 😂

in dmania •  last year 
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ahah i know this one



Hahah, normal husband?


oh this is killing me , hahaha this could be a scenario with me at home was it not for she has seen the gain's for herself :) lol


ha ha ha. this is epic... :P


gosh, this is epic!

LOL-ed watching the video.

Cries reading this meme.


OMG...Im dying...lmaooo

I bet his mining difficulty is getting harder each minute.

damn that's hilarious, I wonder where his friends are now :D

Booger coins? Is it also an ERC20 token? lol... that was funny.

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Aaaaaannnndddd off the couch it goes!






Is he mining bitcoins... ha ha


A real energy saving mining breakthrough.

Why not we funding this?