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Many times...I've thought about what if we had gotten a proper vote in Tampa Bay for Dr. Paul. I was maybe a bit naive and thought it was actually possible.

Do you think they'll ever give up their power voluntarily?

It's all quite strange and confusing. I posted something positive on Facebook a while back about Ron Paul, and one of my (real life) friends shot back, "Ron Paul is a racist." Coming from him, that's the unforgivable sin. Me, I'm like most anyone else, and I don't like to see racism demonstrated anywhere or in relation to anyone. But it's also, how to say it, a fact of life in some fashion? I don't mean to indicate acceptance, but just that some folks were raised that way. I looked into it, and indeed, there was a point where Dr. Paul expressed some borderline racist views in a publication many many years ago, and about which I am sure he is regretful. Geez, does that mean someone like him who is brilliant and insightful must needs be forever banished because he at one time held an objectionable view? It would appear so, but I wish it were otherwise.