Hahaha. Nice one! I give it a bit of time, just to give the benefit of the doubt, but ultimately Revoke and Block if they don't come through after claiming completion. Would be awesome if Kryptonia also added a Defenestration option for repeat offenders. lol

just so in time..before reading your reply kryptonia just made some awesome updates.

Oh really? Thanks for the heads up! I'll go check that out.

thanks buddy! its a pleasure to have an interaction with one of the many steemians who have a good reputation in the platform.

I just started revoking now and blocked as well. I know there are good people over there so now they can see my tasks and the scammers cannot get to them. I'm hoping for and expecting better results now. I should have been doing this all along, since I do get excellent results from @kryptonia.

same experience. Sometimes its really frustrating to see them still hanging around.

Nice share, everyone must realize the next one is paying for tasks and being honest is what makes a great system @phychkrhoz

Once you earn the name of being a 'taker' very few will support you further.

very true @joanstewart. thanks for dropping by.

Been wondering about that. Great post. Re-steemed.

thanks for sharing buddy

hahaahaha, taking the express way to the ground floor...

Uh my ass is safe 😆😆😆

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