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Yeah... J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) mentality only gets you so far... and for those who want government regulated wage increases... all they are really doing is making everything more expensive while motivating the corporations to innovation, replace, reduce, and simplify their products, services and business models. The employer will always say that the employee is an asset... But in reality and employee is a liability that needs to be closely managed. That's why the trend is not to do more with more... it is to do more with less...

The sooner people realize this the sooner they will realize that there is no security in demanding higher wages at your work place... That's a sure way to become marginalized... So I agree. It's better to find another thing that you can do to add value... Something like Steemit!

You are so right with this... If you over estimate your value you will be replaced.

Why not join the future and post on steem with the rest of us.

Steem on !!!

Good meme, many folks want to have at least 15$ in hours with shitty fiat money!


Do not see why when there is an alternative.
thanks for commenting.

This is the future and the future is now .I see it happening all over ! 😣


Internet is playing and invading our way of life everyday.
I did on a Sunday go to big mac place.
I ordered everything through the app.
I was waiting like everyone else but they asked loudly.
"Who ordered online"?
My food was ready for me to grab.
Now they have few cashiers now.
Focus on drivethru.
Thanks for stopping by.


Its the way of the world now. we have many banks shutting down now as well, everyone does all their banking on line.😣