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Great news steemians SBD is on the rise again!Love this reactions in the community.

Talking about reactions last time in my class we talked and discussed about progress and development.

I asked my class to create their own memes regarding progress and development of Philippines.

Almost all countries aims of achieving development however there are barriers to economic development.

To know the country's economic status let us understand: what is development and what is progress?

If we talked about economic progress it can be measured. It has to do with the physical changes in the economy from modernization of appliances, facilities and infrastructures. Whereas economic development involves the improvement and enhancement of human lives.

Therefore progress leads to development. Without progress there is no development since it is the first step of achieving changes that will result in development. Development is the sum of everything pertaining to the different human dimensions.

So can we conclude that Philippines is now achieving progress and development? Some said yes while others were unsure! I asked them again: Do you feel progress and development in your lives? family? community?

This questions received various reactions from my students. I told them that we were moving towards progress and development, the most important part is your role in making a difference. I challenged them to make a memes that will promote progress and development.

Student's Memes Output:

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photo by:@ivymae

In every country, the citizens and its government is responsible for achieving progress and development. Steemit is a platform of progress and development, together we can be effective and efficient in achieving progress and development. The time is now to influence and inculcate with steemit as the catalyst of progress and development.

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