Does anyone feel me?

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I wanted to replace way more than 50 (more or less individual) lines at a time... my IDE fortunately allows to put multiple cursors and copy different lines at once.... so I put a cursor at the beginning of 50+ lines (far away from each other).... to replace some other 50+ lines...
it happens so often to me but this time it wasted around a whole 10 minutes worth of stupid boring work and I had to start all over again.... why am I even putting effort in this post... I obviously need some sleep. good night!

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Shit i hate when that happens


especially when you try to replace a shit load of lines at once... :P writing a script for that would have been faster.

Ja, ich habe auch ein Talent dafür. 😎

Dev' IT guy geek humour. I don't get it. :D Oh yeah... CTRL+C...... lol


CTRL+C = copy text
CTRL+V = paste text
C and V are next to each other...
hitting CTRL+C again accidentally on another text overwrites the previously copied text... and you need do it again.... :P

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